2075 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5N

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Also in Room 106! I stayed for 7 nights Aug 10 - Aug 17 2012, and did not notice any bites until the morning of the last day we were there. We looked under the mattress and didn't see any bugs, there was a bedbug cover on the mattress, but we were a little grossed out and didn't look hard enough, and in retrospect, I'm sure the bedskirt that was bunched up in lots of folds under the mattress was a perfect place for them to hide. After researching bedbugs bites and inspecting myself thoroughly, I

count 42 bites on my torso and arms, many of them in the pattern on 3. I called the hotel and told the front desk woman, but I don't expect that will do much so I am following up with an email complaint to Days Inn.

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I just checked out of a 5 night stay at the Day's Inn at 2075 Kingsway in Vancouver. I was in room 106. On the 3rd morning of my stay, there was a bed bug on the wall behind the bed. I killed it and took it to the front desk wrapped in tissue. The front desk attendant apologized and immediately offered to switch me to another room. They moved me to room 110 which seemed much better. The bedding was much crisper and cleaner. I was assured that there would be no bed bug problems and I did no

t find any there.

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Days Inn at Kingsway and Victoria Dr.
First stay there was lovely so we went back. The second time, we were able to get one of the corner suites with a queen bed/couch. Don't remember the room number, but it was the south east corner unit on the second level.

My boyfriend woke up from feeling some sort of bite on his face, turned on the light and there the little fucker was on the pillow. He actually ended up with a few bites on his face that night. We found a second bug underneath my

pillow, and I could be wrong but it didn't look like the typical bed bug. Super small, it was more of a tear drop shape if you looked real close which is why I had the notion it was a young tick or something. Nasty.

Took the pillows downstairs to the lobby to complain and the guy at the desk was all honky dory, telling us how common it was in his home country. We just stared at him waiting to see what he was going to do about it. Nothing. So we actually had to make a point of asking for new pillows at the very least and he only gave us one. Couldn't sleep the rest of the night. No manager around of course since it was 4am so we had to wait. The next guy on day shift was a completely heartless ass about it and still no manager. She finally came in and handled it quite well, gave us some options but she wasn't able to give us another similar suite, we were on a budget and my dad was with us and had no time to go looking for another hotel so we had to stay put. She got the cleaning ladies to do a full change of the room linens and fumigate absolutely everything that same day.

Didn't run into any other bugs just a scenario when checking out and finding that she hadn't given us the full discount she promised along with the fumigating. Again the same day shift heartless ass gave me his attitude so I had to check out paying the original amount and get in touch with the manager afterwards who eventually gave me more of a credit card refund. Not the worst story on this site or anything, but never staying there again.

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