1720 E 2nd Ave
Vancouver, BC V5N

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To Whom It May Concern:

This is in response to the previous post entitled "Fedup" posted 05/19/2011

There are 3 apartment units located at 1720 E. 2nd. Ave. (I live in one of them). The original poster's (evicted tenant) statement is false, malicious, and misleading.

I would like the public to be aware. In June of 2009 ONLY unit #3 had bedbugs/bedbug eggs. Both apartments #1 and #2 were cleared for any sign of bedbugs. However, the entire apartment building including all units, hallw

ays, stairwells, and laundry room were spray treated just to be cautious. After the initial treatment there were still minor signs of bed bugs in apartment #3 ONLY, which needed a routine follow up spray. The original poster claims the "slumlord" failed to do follow up sprays which is completely false. (I have the records from Orkin pest control to prove it). The first initial attempts to do follow up sprays were either cancelled by the occupants of suite #3, or they failed to allow entry for scheduled bug/pest maintenance/spray times. This was a common occurrence, as they were also the only unit to have a cockroach problem as well. (Cleanliness was addressed several times by both landlord and pest control). They had been formally cited and warned for sanitary issues in the past by the landlord.

After the initial sprays, 9 - 12 months later the infestation reoccurred again, and ONLY in apartment #3 as before, and as before, the landlord promptly addressed the issue with Orkin (whom the landlord/owner has a pest control contract with). This time the landlord had unit #3 sprayed again, and also paid for k9 bed bug detection, in which a sniffer dog was brought throughout the building locating any bedbugs/nests. All units were cleared for bed bugs (again i have the written records provided by Orkin). The only unit to ever have bug problems was apartment #3. This was due to multiple reasons, including sanitary issues, (as noted by Orkin) excessive persons occupying the unit, and excessive foot traffic (which greatly increases your chances of bedbug contact, and an ongoing issue which was addressed by the landlord).

The landlord has routine pest inspection the last Thursday of every month, again provided by Orkin pest control. He has replaced broken stoves, fridges, and washers, purchased new windows for the entire building, had decks rebuilt, and the building re-roofed, all within the last 2 years. I'd say that’s a pretty good landlord.

I can happily say, as of June 1st 2011, the bugs have left the building.

- An Éireannach fraochÚn

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We discovered bedbugs in June of 2009, our landlord has minimally addressed the issue with pest control. He has done periodic sprays of the unit, but has neglected to do follow up sprays. Which in turn has allowed re infestation to occur on a regular basis. After the first two treatments we bought over $3000.00 worth of new furniture, which we are afraid to bring to our new house! We are now moving into a new, bedbug free house (thank god), however, I would like the public to be aware that the a

partment is infested, and that the landlord (slumlord) is aware, however, is too cheap to fully treat the premises. If you have any info on isolated heat treatment, it would be greatly appreciated. I have found companies that do heat treatment of apartment units, however, I have no interest in ridding my slumlord of his problem at my expense!

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