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Finding out you have an infestation is difficult.
I hadn’t seen another bug in quite some time… maybe a day or two. Almost forgot or just put it to the back of my mind that, you know the old quote “out of site, out of mind”. That’s exactly what I did. Until I was doing my Tuesday chores, groceries and laundry. I pulled off the sheets and pillow cases… nothing. I then found one of my pillows in the living room that my cousin used for the weekend/week. I pull

ed of the case, and there was a bug… and her eggs and or fecal matter!?! I called the exterminator and described the bug hearing what I already knew but didn’t want to realize. It was … the infamous BED BUG.
Scoping out the apartment and the truth comes out.
I thought I better check my roommate/cousins room. It was the scariest room I’ve ever been in, once flipping up the sheets finding multiple bugs, checking the closet and finding even more. I decided right then and there, no way I was going to spend another night in this falling down infested old building. If they are in my apartment they are in all of them. They spread easily through the walls and can live up to a year without a host. The only way to kill them is to exterminate the whole building and treat everything for example, heat, freezing them or chemicals. Since not finding any in my room she said they probably weren’t there yet, but would be since they spread very easily.
Taking Action
I wasn’t going to take any chances of transfer though, and went to town. I went out and bought 30 garbage bags, started washing everything in my closet in hot, and bagging and sealing everything that had been checked and was clean. I thoroughly checked my bag and backpack by vacuuming and flipping everything inside out. I threw out all my pillows some clothes and a lot of other things. After I put the clean clothes in bags I sealed them up in garbage bags. I sorted other things and checked furniture etc. I decided that maybe a few pieces such as my bedside table and dresser were salvageable but I am not going to take any chances on my bed or other fabricated furniture like my couch and chairs basically anything that has come in contact with my cousin.
By the End of the Day
At about 9:30 I decided I needed to do this homework, so with my pants tucked into my socks and standing in the kitchen at the counter went to work. I was still fuming from the conversation I had with my cousin earlier. He quote said “well if hot water kills them I will just put my stuff in a bathtub with hot water and then hang it”. Then while lying on the floor in the living room playing halo asked if I wanted to get another place with him. I took my sealed garbage bags of my backpack and other bag and my cleaned jacket and clothes and left. I didn’t even take my things out of the garbage bags until I left the building. I am never going to stay there again. The only reason I am going back is to finish washing my things and to move some stuff. The only question is… to where? I am officially homeless. Thankfully its December and I only need somewhere for two weeks before going home for Christmas, because I am determined to find a room to rent in the next couple days… but with my luck I don’t know if that will be possible…

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