1650 E 5th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5N

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My boyfriend and I have lived here since February 2012. We went for holidays from mid August to early September, then I started to get bitten. We thought it might be fleas from our cat, but one morning we checked our bed and lo and behold, we were infested (and still are).

We've washed all our bedding, sprayed the box spring, mattress, and wood frame with some bed bug spray and got encasements for the box spring and mattress but I still have got bitten. We did this Wednesday and it's Friday

now (the long Thanksgiving weekend).

I've done some research. It is the landlord's responsibility to get rid of the bedbugs. We contacted the landlords and the pest control guy who works for the building owners can't come in until Tuesday. I want this taken care of ASAP!! I am not sure if that's possible or not. I don't know if the landlords will reimburse us if we got an exterminator in here that doesn't work for the building owners. I am so stressed out. I sat on the floor crying and researching bed bug crap for an hour or so.

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New Orleans Court

Jan 16th, 2010
1650 East 5th ave Apt 302
Vancouver, BC

In the morning before work I found a mature adult gorged with blood on my mattress.

When I returned home from work I did a more through investigation and found that I had numerous bugs surrounding the mattress.

The landlords of the building insisted it was not the owners problem and I would have to wait until monday and they will only spray the mattress at my own cost.

my place was infested and unlivable.

I had to clean all my cloths, most likely throw out my brand new mattress and stay at a hotel until the place was treated.

I did check the vancouver tenancy act and it clearly states that the landlord is resopsible for treating the infestation.

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Bedbugs discovered today in third floor suite. Irresponsible manager refusing to do anything about it, causing undue stress on tenant.

This is a site for bedbugs, not mice...move on!

MICE!! I found a dead mouse by my heater and a large amount of rodent feces behind my fridge. Not to mention constant bugs. BEWARE.

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