1643 E 3rd Ave
Vancouver, BC V5N

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Been here for a long time because the location is perfect (30 ft. from The Drive)the apartments are really large and the building is clean. The tenants are generally great and usually stay for a long time.

Unlike most buildings it has improved over time. The management changes about every 2 years ranging from great to complete disaster. So the level of help you will get depends on the management at any given time.

There have been isolated cases of bed bugs here but there is no overall buil

ding infestation. I had them 3 years ago but due diligence has since kept them at bay.

The building management will not help you in a big way (EG: Pay for exterminator etc.)but any help you do get will be enhanced by the greasing of palms! Oh well. Great building very much worth it.

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August 20 2012.

I lived here for 2 years and know people that have lived here for over 10 years+.
There has always been great management.
There might be bed bugs that are recent, but its not 100% confirmed. So like any building where you have multiple family dwellings, its at your own risk. My opinion is that I was always happy that I never seen any bed bugs or roaches and it was why I stayed for as long as I did.

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What suite were you in and are you still there? Are there still bugs? I looked at a suite in this building, that is why I am curious. Even if you brought the bugs, by law it is still the responsibility of the landlords to take care of the problem.

If you think that you have them why didn't you come to management and tell us and we would of helped you with this issue.

I live here as a tenant currently and have for almost 3 years and have never heard of any bedbug problems. The management here is fantastic and if there was ever a problem they would deal with it accordingly. This is a very clean and nice building to live in, the people are great and friendly and I couldn't ask for a better management team.

Whoever wrote this must have some sort of mental issue.

Moved in 3 months ago and discovered what i believe are bedbugs. Not sure what they looked like so i googled a picture of them and these look like the type of bugs i found. Not surprised as i soon realized that the building is full of low lifes on welfare and dirty hippies. Don't move here unless you want to have to replace all your furniture. Landlords will do nothing to help you saying you must have brought them in yourself.

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