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To: the Managers, Tenants, and Executives of Cressey Developments and Nacel Properties ltd:

I am writing to bring to your attention a serious issue I had in your establishment last week. First off, I deliver my professional services to your company as a maintenance personnel(you are lucky to have me). About a week ago, I was doing maintenance on my main building to find that i was working in a mold induced environment. All of the mold and leaks are covered with a product called KIlllz premi

um stain blocker ordered from HD Supply. I know this because I became fully in contact with mold fibers that were in behind the KILLZ painted walls. Also, I found some tenants that were complaining that they were having breathing problems and he invited me into his premise to show me and a safety officer of Nacel properties the mold problem. The safety officer, then told the tenants that they would be fully taken care of after he got in contact head office.. And they still haven't heard anything as of yet. I have too much on my plate already to handle things like this on my own and I don't have the protective equipment.

I feel sick to my stomach(literally) when I see children entering the suites of my buildings because of the mold growth in the washrooms that get built up because of not having adequate cfm ratings in bathroom fans as they are suppose to prevent mold and mildew Growth from accumulated moisture in the air. I try to prevent this by cleaning fans and ducts so they run more efficiently and I attempting to order things that I need to make our properties safe( I still don't have a proper rated mask). The problem I am having is when ordering a new Fan, silicone and or anything that will prevent a gut job from happening(ex. buy a new fan $40 to prevent a $500 mold problem), either they are not willing to buy it or it takes forever( Not a efficient system for ordering/ trusting key employees). I have heard everything from " Its the end of the month, budgets are tight", or the classic " theres no one for approval" and the definite NO " we'll send it to head office"(stop with the bs..I work for a multi million dollar company) I know we got a credit line where we can squeeze 100 bucks. Today I am feeling sick from not having the right type of masks by entering a premise that has mold growth. Even though I'm just a maintenance personnel, I have done courses in the business field and I've come to the conclusion that If you're not willing to invest money and safety into the buildings how do you expect to keep revenues up? even tho all your properties are investments that you will tear down eventually and renew. How do you and your children sleep at night knowing your families company is making other people ill? <----- not good business

I am Glad that you guys are trying to re brand your company but theres still some drastic changes that still need to be made. And for tenants entering a new suite PLEASE GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING and get all repairs in WRITING because these guys dont give a shit about you. They only care about the 1st of each month when they come begging for rent(revenue). trust me Ive heard stories from managers that have been working 10 plus years for these companies. Lastly someone from the city was at our property taking tests of potential mold spots so Nacel might have some explaining. I'm just a ant in the company and I just want to make our company grow into the right path where tenants and managers make a mutual understanding.

If someone from Cressey reads this please help our workers and tenants build a better foundation and community because as of yet things aren't working good as your profile managers are telling you they are. "Money wont follow you to the grave" even if you have residual income.

from a concerned worker and human being working for this company

I Have pics too if anyone wants to see

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I have lived all over the world OZ, US, UK, Ireland, etc. I have never experienced anything like it. It was Hell.
We left the apartment cleaner and better than we got it but still only got a tiny amount of our deposit back. The last two months our apartment was invested with cockroaches. When I told the Manager of the building he didnt care and didnt want to know about it.

I would plea with anyone thinking of renting from this company or going to live in this apartment block to Stay Away.

Absolutely Revolting!!

Moved in May 2010 and discovered:

1. Cockroaches
2. Bedbugs
3. Mice
4. Carpet Beetles
5. Apartment Flooding

They also do not follow the Residential Tenancy Act and have a pre-filled form that deducts costs from your security deposit so that it's next to impossible to get your deposit back from them. Stay away!!

Lived here for well over a year (2009-2010)...don't ask me why we waited so long to GET OUT. Nacel Properties is a horrible property management company. All they do is collect rent cheques. They won't answer your calls or respond to you in any way for weeks or even months. We had COCKROACHES EVERYWHERE and the landlord (if there even was one) did absolutely NOTHING. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE HERE, YOU WILL REGRET IT I GUARANTEE!!!! I hope to save you all the trouble we had. I hope Nacel Properties goes


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Looks like the Nacel management has clued in to this site and is starting to post messages posing as tennants recommending tennants pay for their own cleaning and don't buy used furniture. I lived at this apartment, I left. I'm happy now that I'm gone.

It is the responsibility of the Landlord to treat pest infestations under the laws of BC. No one should ever forget this.

There's also a lot of posts on here telling of the common moving-out-of-a-Nacel-property story of the building manag

er trying to get extra "hidden fee's" out of rental deposits. They tried to do the same to me. They do the same to everyone. They tried to get a couple hundered out of me for painting the walls of the unit (the landlords responsibility according to BC rental law).

They tried to get money out of me for 'cleaning of drapes' when the apartment had vertical vinyl blinds. I wonder how that would work?

They tried to get money out of my deposit for carpet cleaning just like 2 other tenants wrote.

I took them to the tribunal and they lost. And in fact the building manager representing Nacel on the call was even scolded (for lack of a better term) by the arbitrator from the housing tribunal that they can't do the shit that they try to pull.

Do a google search of "Nacel Properties". I think no one that has lived in a Nacel owned property will be surprised to see what they find as the top 20 or so hits that are returned.

Everyone!! The process to fight Nacel for your rental deposit - free of illegal deductions - is easy and takes little more than applying, fillin out a couple of forms and then attending a conference call to state your case.

TAKE PICTURES!!!! Take them when you move in and take them when you move out. As far as the bedbugs and cockroaches in this building. If you don't see action within a week then complain to the appropriate authorities.

You can apply to the Rental tribunal to obtain a legal order to reduced your rent until the Landlord fixes the problem. I guarantee you that nothing will make Nacel move faster than someone cutting into their monthly profits.

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"Neglectful management, at least when I was there... No building manager for several months, then an incompetent one, then another one a month later..." (As Quoted)

Is it neglectful management or neglectful owners? High rental rates for poor conditioned building(s); buildings falling apart that are likely paid for ten times over. Certainely the owners can make a greater effort to improve the standard and quality that match the rents they are charging tenants. Unfortunately, the live-in manage

rs are left to be called the failures when in fact their hands are tide by who manages them.

A live-in manager doesn't want to live with bed bugs or cock roaches any more than the tenants they are trying to service. (otherwise they must love giving blood and feeding a growing family within their walls) Building owners who actually care will not ignore the issue or nickel and dime everything. Support their managers who try and provide for their tenants as needed, as they should be enabled to.

The bed bug/cock roach issue is also a tenant issue not just a landlord issue. There is certainly something to be said of keeping a clean and tidy home. If you want to live like a slob and hoard your garbage, get a detached home somewhere away from others. Not to mention the use of caution when buying used furniture, etc., etc.

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I am not sure why tenants seem to think that landlords somehow bring in bedbugs. The resident manager lives in our building and I doubt if he wants bedbugs brought in. We had bedbugs in our unit (wall St condo) but decided to attack the problem ourselves. We informed strata, got the info and tried it ourselves for a start. Got rid of second hand furniture (in hindsight it was a big mistake to buy stuff from yard sales as we learned the hard way that cheap stuff is cheap for a reason). We did res

earch and found out that Dia earth (from Rona) sprinkled will get rid of bedbugs coming into the unit. We were also advised to vacuum 3 times per day for a month. We do this before leaving, after dinner and 3 times on weekends. Good think is it forced us to clean up our condo.
Tenants. Bedbugs are brought into your unit by yourself, guests, used furniture etc. If you want to know the source of bedbugs in your unit then look into a mirror, start vacuuming and quit blaming others for your mistake.
We recognized our mistake, took action and are now bedbug free with a less cluttered unit.

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There had been no bedbugs in that apartment when you moved in, so the "insinuation" was not exactly out of line. Let's also address the fact that you never informed us that you had bedbugs - we had to find out from your neighbour across the hall, who incidentally is the neighbour "Disgruntled Tenant" is referring to.
You fail to mention that Management dealt with the situation promptly once we did find out - as we do in ALL reported pest problems. The building has regular pest control for a re

ason - we don't want pests in the building either - it tends not to be good for business, and as we work in the building too it is hardly in our own best interests to ignore pest problems (as you did). I recommend that any prospective tenants come and check out our records and pest control contracts if they have any doubts about our sincerity when it comes to addressing pest problems. People seem to forget that bedbugs ARE brought into buildings by tenants, on second hand furniture and mattresses or second hand clothing. And nobody ever addresses the fact that responsible landlords who call in pest control regularly because of it are subject to hefty costs on a regular basis - and the only thanks we get are sites like this where any disgruntled tenant can vent, or lie, or exaggerate to their heart's content and we have little or no recourse to defend ourselves. Please also note the very faint print at the bottom of the screen "We don't vouch for the truthfulness of any report on this site". If any other Landlord's out there agree - add your voice.

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wel like others here woke up to find bites, told manager "he said he'd check it out. when he came questioned us felt like it was our fault. said he'd check it out and get back to us. a couple days later said he was working on scheduling work and the company to deal with thought sure the brush off. then 2 days later same thing working on scheduling them to do treatment. then another day goes by and he says friday 2 days goe by he says scheduling problem tuesday , now i know i'm getting the brush

off then next day comes by with a prep list spends time telling us exactly how to prep and even stuff not on list from company. low and behold the company was here tuesday all day did a whole bunch of units I tell you I was happy but evven more was surprised after what i've read and what I've been told by old tenants, However they also tell me this manager is new and has actually got a few things done here to the surprise of most tenants

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February 25, 2010: bed bugs found in our main floor suite. This, despite the claim that our apartment was "treated and stripped" before we moved in.


#1. Bed bugs: even though they know about them, they will pretend you brought them in so that you pay for the treatment (in our case, a neighbour was infested and missed the preventative treatment... so the bugs crawled through the cracks of the wall; by the way, the preventative treatment had been imposed by the Health authority...). Other neighbours have kids who got many bites... Welcome to Nacel.

#2. Black mold: we had a structural leak repaired just before we m

oved in, except poorly repaired. Then, when the water started coming in again from the gutter, the mold started to form. Guess what the landlord did? Apply a plastic wrap outside, which was useless against the water from the gutter. As you may know, black mold is extremely toxic.

#3. Cockroaches - yes, German ones, hard to get rid off.

#4. Pipes bursting.

#5. Neglectful management, at least when I was there... No building manager for several months, then an incompetent one, then another one a month later...

#6. Fight to get your deposit back. I was on the verge on suing them out of principle, not even caring about the expense. Even though the place was in a better shape upon leaving than upon arriving, a number of "fees" were deducted from our deposit...

Here you go... Have fun!

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Yes, I moved out too. I got bedbugs from my neighbors who were not treated for >8months. I had to pay for my own fumigation because the landlord blamed it on me, though this clearly wasn't true. I believe the city of vancouver had to be called in to get them to deal with the infestation. Since the neighboring apartment was never treated I lived in fear that I'd be reinfested again.

I also lived through two floods in ~6 months, plus black mold due to a leak from outside (I had a puddle in

my bedroom every time it rained heavily).

When I did move out, I did a superb cleaning job - sparkling clean appliances, etc. - except the carpet cleaning, which I was told would cost $70. The landlord found a way to charge me $300 out of my deposit - he claimed there would be residual cleaning after the carpet cleaning. BS. The carpets most likely needed to be ripped up due to the mold and flood anyway. I didn't dispute this, because I wanted Nacel properties out of my life forever the day I left.

I also lived in another unit in the building that had a huge cockroach infestation. You can also occasionally see cockroaches in the hallways.

Basically this place is worth a tenth of the rent they charge. Slum landlords! Avoid this place!

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Previously had my aopartment treated for bedbugs after fighting with the landlord for 7 months. Now, 6 months after treatment the bedbugs are back.

I woke up with 8 bites on my legs this morning. Welcome back little buddies, it hasn't been the same without you around. Best yet, they came back just in time for me to move out of this festering shithole of an apartment.

Between the bedbugs, the cockroaches and the mold on everything the whole building should be condemned!!

time to get some sort of class action lawsuit on Nacel properties.
multiple floods, black mold everywhere, untreated bed bug and cockcroach infestations... building manager unreachable.


I currently live in 1635 east 6th ave, i have lived here since July.. I thought it was a nice place, managers seemed to have the works, when it came to maitenence workers,painters, everyone seemed to have it together.. immediatly when i moved in i noticed these bugs, i went on the interent haha and sure enough they were cockroaches. I have not seen bed bugs yet, thank god. but these cockroaches are everywhere in my home. Do you know if we have rights to not pay rent until its looked after prope

We need an exterminator to blast all Nacel property. It needs to stop. They dont do nothing. except a little gel?. haha that does not help at all. there in closets, hallways. i even seen one in my bed.
In the meantime.. is there ANYTHING that i could use to keep them under control to an extent?

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I just got bedbugs; i found out my neighbor was overrun with them! they were supposed to be treated back in July, but the company didn't treat them because they didn't do the appropriate prep. work; so the problem got so bad that they spread into my apartment.

The same building has mold, cockroaches, and floods.

Bedbugs aren;t the only thing that crawls in this place. Have seen Multiple cockroaches on the walls in the hallways. problem persisted for months!!! (read: more than 6)
My unit was full of cockroaches despite constant bleaching, poison etc.

Landlord had some units, but not entire building, fumigated Late July 2009, still waiting to see how this turns out. At least the bedbug bites have stopped... so far.

When winter comes, the bugs will come back inside and the problem will be just as

bad again. Landlords VERY inattentive and ignore repeated requests to do something about the pest problem.

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main floor. 2 suites have bedbugs. Not sprayed yet. Fill-in landlord unreachable. Have bites and very frustrated.
May 23rd.

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