1620 E 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5N

Found 4 reports:

I moved in end of November 2012, im getting bites every 3-5 days. When I moved in nobody told me about bedbug problem. Finally i got treatment done today December 28th by BCbugs. Three other suites were also treated too.

Every year this location is checked for bed bugs, only one or two in the last year have been found to have bed bugs. All the sheeting and bedframes and entire suite was treated for bed bugs.

I have been here one year and find it is a nice place to live. Management quick to act on any problem, and tenants friendly.

A great place to live.

Is this place still bedbugs all over building? Im thinking about moving in there.

There are bed bugs all over the building. Everyone knows about it and talks about it, but management does nothing about it. They do not tell you before moving in either. You have to clean and check furniture daily. Have woke to as many as 10 bites in one night.

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