1595 E 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5N

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Was supposed to move into a suite on the 4th floor, however the previous tenant had bed bugs. Manager told me this spread to four other surrounding suites. Treatment commenced beginning of December and apparently this helped a couple of the suites (they should file their own report).

However subsequent checks in late December 2015 and early January 2016 have shown evidence of bugs still, even though no one is living in that suite. I would avoid this building like the plague.

Anyone has any updates on this building's bed bug problem?

Sounds like 'purrrr' (aka 'management'?)has not experienced all the joys of being a 1595 e 6th tenant (aka victim). I lived here in 1990 and it was managed by nacel properties at that time as well. I experienced literally hundreds of cockroaches which infested the entire building b/c they would never treat everything at once. We had to cover our food b/c they would drop from the ceiling and i would often find them crawling on me when i slept at night.Prostitutes would fix and serve clients in th

e stairwells and security was never beefed up. The last straw was when our door had been kicked in while we were out. we reported this immediately and were told it would be fixed. after asking again we were told it would be fixed. This happened just prior to a planned holiday and the mgmt assured us that they would fix it, that we could go. When we returned to our apartment the door and frame were just resting against the hole in the wall, it reeked like male body odour, and there were other signs that squatters had been living in it when we were gone. It still blows my mind that no one reported our door being broken down to the police or investigated in the first place. we were out when it happened and it must have made a lot of noise as it was laying in our apt hallway, still locked to the frame. Not to mention the suite next to us was the managers. I would rather sleep on the street than in a building managed by them again.

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i lived in this building 1595 E 6th ave for one year with my ex girl friend.2006-2007 we expereniced cockroches the day after moving in mostly in the bathroom sink. about a month after moving in the kitchen got infested just as a test . i bought some roch sticky traps to just get a idea of how many are in our house. with in two days the 6 or seven traps were filled like fifty so roches on each trap grose!!!! the worst was when i woke up with one in my mouth because there attracted to moistur

e!!!! nasty started noticing bed bug about a month after.me and my girl friend were on the sky train heading down town when i noticed a huge blood filled bed bug crawling in her hair i flicked it out and steped on it. it left a small blood splatter on the floor. please dont move into this buliding unless u enjoyed hearing my expereince!!!! BEWARE

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Lived there almost 3 years never had bedbugs or roaches just creepy tenants, I understood the building is free of insects right now. I have a friend living there and the whole building has been treated last year. For my point of view there is no building in lower mainland which didn;t have any case of bedbugs, will be hard to believe that. If you are a smart tenant you could take care yourself of bed bedbugs and crockroaches . you can buy on ebay a tube with max force which will kill all you roa

ches and it cost $11 and one tube will last for 10 years. Also you find online ways how to escape of bedbugs using their products or buy a steamer which will kill all your bugs, steam your furniture once per month. I am sick of pussy complainers G which push bedbugs and other insects from one building to another and complain about furnitures loss. Grow up people don't blame other for your mistakes.

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My fiances' sister lives here and this place is terrible... infested and gross!!!!! Move out Jenna!!!!!!!!!

I've lived here for nearly two years, and have had no problems with bugs until August. Small (less than 1/2 inch) cockroaches in the bathroom --- probably came from next door, 4-5 people living there were recently evicted. The new(ish) building manager is rarely in so we took care of it ourselves.

Last night saw a large, different-looking cockroach in the hallway. Tonight saw a similar large cockroach in my bedroom. I'm out.

living here since March....apparently a "bad tenant" was evicted and they had roaches, which then spread to the entire building. we reported to the building manager, property management company, district manager....nothing has been done. they are so bad that they have now spread to every room of our apartment, and there is nothing we can do to get rid of them as the whole building is infested. Nacel Properties is refusing to deal with it and we are left with an almost unlivable apt. also not hel

ping is that there are apartments with seven people living in a 1-bedroom. BEWARE

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August 31st 2009 - 1595 E 6th....moved into the unit last night, noticed scurrying creatures...realized the whole building is infested. Thankfully my cheque is withdrawn tmrw, i put it on hold and im moving out today. What a hassle, how lame.

RE: Post below me, when I lived here (and got bed bugs, see: 2 posts down) the unit across from us at any given time had between 3-7 people living in a one bedroom and my place was a one bedroom with 2 people and frequent week-2week visitors. It's a crowded building with some tenants who invite the infestations that plague the area. Being careful to check the apartment on a regular basis and inspect any and all insect bites is safe bet. The lady that manages these places has a lot of tenants

on her hands but genuinely cares about keeping the place clean. Too bad Nacel Properties owns so many apartments in the best areas and refuses to provide effective upkeep. Lamesauce.

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Re watchful neighbour, the buildings to the left and right are owned by the same company and managed by the same person, so if it was one of those buildings, then it is really not a big inconsideration in the sense that you mean. Either way even if they did put it behind this building, it's still an inconsideration because the people in alley units are not necessarily the ones with the mattresses but would be the most likely to be affected. I don't think it is much of a problem though really.

Anyhow, I came to check this website today because there is a notice up saying this building was sprayed with the pesticide Dragnet, not stating what pest was the problem, but based on these posts I can imagine it might have been bedbugs/cockroaches. Many of the units here have more people in them than bedrooms, so if they are not careful about garbage and keeping things clean etc then I guess it's not surprising. (Personally I have never seen a problem except one silverfish once a year ago, so if you are a clean person and check the room before you move in, you should be fine in this building.)

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I saw two ladies coming out of 1595 E 6th Ave., last week. They were dressed entirely in protective clothing from head to foot carrying a mattress. So I thought, what's up with that?

They then carried this mattress down the alleyway AWAY from their own building and put it up against the fence of another building....that is so SELFISH -- and could cause bed bugs in someone else's property. I want to report this here and anywhere else that I can. How completely irresponsible. I later saw a

garbage truck come along and start to lift the mattress. I told them right away and told them to be very cautious as it was filled with bed bugs.

FUCKERS!! Makes me want to move right out of the east end of Vancouver. Fortunately, my building doesn't have them so far. I keep looking at that eyesore of a building --- mould growing down the walls, bed bugs and I hear cockroaches -- disgusting how much money they must be making and yet not looking after their building. Greed.

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February 09, 1595 E 6th

Experienced bug bites for the last couple of weeks, nothing too bad. Essentially kept telling myself there was no way I had bed bugs. Finally, with a new bite on my forehead, I looked in the crevices of my mattress to find bed bug fecal matter as well as, as my landlord described it, "GrandDaddy Bedbug". I was told to wash and bag all of my clothing in hot water and have cut up and disposed of my mattress. I'm paying 175$ for an exterminator to come in and hopefull

y clean the apartment. Lucky to be moving soon...

The landlord here has never lied to me before and I doubt he/she is now, best advice is to be wary of outside people coming to visit in your apartment. If you are looking for a building to rent, you should be aware that I've seen both cockroaches and bedbugs but generally consider myself and my roommate and the chief causes. Nacel properties (the parent company) really sucks though and do not fund the local staff adequately to promptly address infestations.

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I moved into the hazelmere 1595 east 6th in march 08 have been bitten by BEDBUGS and found lots of COCKROACHEs in my apartment, the manager is not telling people about the problem before they move in. so they take the problem with them when they leave. Nacel is the name of the managment company that ownes this apartment and they own lot's of other buldings in vancouver so lookup on this registry before you move into a place because you will lose every thing you own when you have bedbugs. than

ks Nacel for being gready MoFo's and not telling people about the BEDBUGS and COCKROACHES

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At the end of June we Experienced bites and found an adult bedbug when we were changing the linens. Then after further investigation we found a small bedbug nest with an adult and some babies. Treated the bed and room with Pro Aerosol, extensive vacuuming and washing and drying the bedding-and got rid of them.
Aug. 27-07 Noticed quite a few bites after being on the bed for a movie and found a small-not fully adult-bedbug after close examination of the bed frame. Treated again with Pro Aerosol a

nd etc..
Right before we got the bedbugs in June. I overheard the Building Manager telling someone what to do to get rid of bedbugs in their apartment-iron the mattress, wash and dry on high everything.. So I assumed the problem was a unit one(having no previous experience with bedbugs and how they travel) Then about a week ago I saw furniture from an apartment in the parking garage with signs saying " contaminated with bedbugs". And we found bedbugs were again in our apartment. This is obviously an entire building infestation and needs to be dealt with. Gross.

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