1556 E 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC V5N

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After hearing about the downstairs tenant and how the Landlord dealt with bed bugs (offering a can of bugspray), we tried to be ignorant about it. I ended up getting bitten a few times, but thought nothing of it, perhaps spider bites.
I have since learned that these were bed bug bites after moving into an infested home afterwards, and its been hell since. Landlord (name mentioned in below post) has no idea how to manage property. I dare you to ask him if he does, just watch him squirm like the

bedbugs in the walls. Complete Idiot.
He entered our suite illegally on numerous occasions. We had to SHOW him specific clauses in the tenants rights because he simply had no idea what he was doing.

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This place is INFESTED, Management is lazy and stupid.

august 18th/09
1556 east 1st ave
vancouver b.c.
V5N 1A5

I have been living here for the past year and a half bug free. I had a new room mate move in. A few weeks later i started getting bitten.

I reported it to my land lord, and building owner, Ed Sunday, and instead of having professionals come in, he brought over a can of raid, and refuses to do anything further. It has been 3 months now, with out any sort of help.

He has written me letters telling me that I am unsanitary, whic

h is not so, and that "such cooties of a biting nature can be caused from skin to skin contact". I found this very ignorant and uncalled for.

After phoning him on a daily basis for weeks he finally got an inspector in to check the suite. I am sure he wasn't qualified and did not do any more than lift the couch cushions and look at the carpet from a standing/birds eye view. He did not have a flash light or inspect the base boards, seems of pillow, edges of carpets, behind light fixtures. And upon leaving I asked him if there was anything he could do. He replied that it was illegal to spray for bed bugs unless he finds one. although i showed him evidence of excrement and blood spots on bedding. I am certain that it was a close personal friend of the land lord posing as am exterminator.

After mentioning that i was about to file a claim with the Residential Tenancy Branch he gave me an eviction notice, while my room mate was granted a free months rent in lieu of the having to deal with the situation, even though we are on the same lease.

I have thrown out everything I own. I even had to throw out photo albums and journals from my childhood. It is really a traumatizing ordeal. I can't sleep. I am now totally paranoid about turning off the lights. When I lay down I can feel them crawling on me. Its more than just getting bitten. Its loosing your entire mind.

The land lords name is Ed Sunday, BEWARE he is a total slum lord, DON'T rent from him, he is cheap and cares not for your health a well being.

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