1534 E 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5N

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This place is infested and the landlord doesn't care and I have 2 kids and cant get a hold of the landlady and Im pissed all my stuff is now infested Glenda Collington is one of the worst property manager's EVER

Moved into the building in May and now it is August and my suite is completely infested. I have tried calling the property manager for over a week now and she NEVER answers the phone and doesn't return calls. Meanwhile the bedbug problem is growing, I am upset that I've been put into a suite that they were well aware was full of bedbugs and now they don't take my calls. They call themselves non-profit social housing but the reality is SLUM LANDLORDS!

I moved in low income housing at ENFH last febuary I spent one night with me and my daughter and I woke up with over 40 bites allover my body as well as my daughter had about 10 and most of the bites were on her face I called my manger right away and she called pest controll they came and sprayed mean well I felt like a ginnie pig cause even though it got sprayed me and my daughter were still getting bites thats when I realized that it was probley best to through out mu furniture that I just bou

ght for over a hundred dollars so thats what I did too make a long story short my place has gotten sprayed eight times I had to pack and bag my stuff that many times and when this first started I only got 1 month of rent back with went to the other place that I stayed before I moved in luckly I was able to go back to the other place because they didn't give my room up. Anyways I will never sleep the same again and I had to purchuse I new couch lots of garbage bags and did over 100 loads of laundry at my own exspence and now to make things worse I just found out about a month ago that my next door neighbour notice his two kids have gotten new bites so I called the landlord because if he was gonna get sprayed I needed to get sprayed as well and nothing has happend so I guess I just have to wait to get bitten again and make a big deal about it then I get to buy I new couch do more laundry and have insomia GREAT

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Completely rampant with bed bugs which they've sprayed for once this summer. The problem is there are hoarders living in the building who bring bed mattresses, etc as well they don't spray the whole buildng just individual suites.

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