1533 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5N

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There is a bedbug epidemic all over the city, and many cities across North America. They are brought in by Tenants or their visitors. This is not the fault of the Landlord, and does not mean the Landlord is a Slumlord. The bedbug problem was dealt with right away and contained to just a few apartments.

At this time, the Landlord became really sick and suffering from extreme pain. His father took over building responsibilities and took care of the bedbug situation right away. No complaints we

re filed with the Residential Tenancy Board and no lawsuits were filed. This is just a malicious Tenant making up stories. You can't file a lawsuit for loss or damage as the building isn't responsible for Tenants' belongings. This is why Tenants are recommended to get renter's insurance.

The bedbug situation was dealt with properly and there have been no bedbugs since 2008. Orkin now monitors the bugs in the building with the placement of tack strips.

The building is 50 years old, just like most other buildings in Vancouver. Bedbugs aren't just a problem in older buildings, but also in new condos downtown, as well as houses.

To the point that the carpet is old and dirty. The carpet is old, but in good shape, and still one of the few things original tore building and is nice to keep. It's kept clean, vacuumed every Saturday and steam cleaned twice a year.

It's in better condition than a lot of other buildings. It is maintained and fixed up to a very high standard. All problems that occur inside the apartments are taken care of right away. The Tenants love the building, and such, there is very little turnover. When there is, there is a waiting list to get in and an apartment is rented within 10 minutes.

No building, old or new, is safe from bedbugs. All that can be done is to ask Tenants not to bring in furniture found in a back alley, and to deal with the situation quickly and properly. The owner of this website says he was but by a bedbug so this is his way of getting back at the bugs, when really, he's just giving a forum where bad Tenants can give a good building a bad name.

The Tenants maintain a Facebook page for the building where the caption says, "The best apartment building in Vancouver." Good building, yes. Slumlord, no.

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Excuse my "long term tenant" but I am the other person that lived on the third floor and obviously you don't know the whole story. The bugs were brought in by a man on the third floor who worked at a junk yard yes, but we did not refuse to get rid of our furniture. We lost all of it and slept on an air mattress and even moved into the apartment across the hall from us to give them the chance to spray. The slumlord and his father refused to pay until I contacted the residential tenancy branch and

filed a complaint, only then did they finally get it sprayed. We moved out because we posted letters to tenant stating the situation and ended up being the only ones who did a damn about it. Enjoy the slum life.

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My Family member moved from this dump,thankfully, this past summer after having many bed bug issues starting last spring.The hall carpeting is dirty and 40 years old.The building they were in prior to this was infested too..east van need help.

There was an incident involving bedbugs in the building. But once the Landlord's father, who has now taken over all the building responsibilities, heard about it, it was taken care of right away. One of the 2 tenants on the top floor, was responsible for bringing them into the building by old dirty infested furniture. The other tenant who was complaining about finding some in their apartment on the 3rd floor, refused to get rid of their infested furniture because they didn't want to have to pay

for new ones, yet they continued to complain about the problem. This tenant is no longer in the building. I know that you can never fully rid an old building of the bugs, but the Landlord's father has done a great job of keeping up with the building reponsibilities, and making sure all the tenants problems are resolved. That is why after 3 years I continue to stay in this building.

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There was a small bedbug infestation that was taken care of promptly. It didn't become serious and only affected about 4 apartments. Orkin came in for their follow up inspections and have found no bugs. They'll be returning annually to inspect the building for any bugs.

It was not a major incident, no one suffered any damages, and no lawsuits were filed. Who wants a building full of bugs? It's easier to clean up a small problem before it becomes a big, very expensive, mess.

Bedbugs were found in more than one apartment in this building. Landlord was not willing to spray building or help tenants get rid of their bug problem. One tenant proved to Landlord that she had contracted the bugs from this building but Landlord was still not willing to help. Went as far as filing a law suit to pay for damages.

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