1462 E 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC V5N

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I live here now.
Never had a problem with the landlord.
Building is old and has its quirks, but my unit is not disgusting at all.

Didn't see any bedbugs but was only in this building for 3 weeks(September 2011).. we moved out because the place was incredibly disgusting!!!! the landlord was awful to deal with!! he is in denial that the entire place is disgusting and blames YOU! i'm pretty sure the entire building is infested with mice. found mice poop in every closet in the top floor apartment. talked with the guys that lived below us and they said their place had mice as well.

beware... landlord is sketchy and it reall

y would not surprise me if the entire place was infested with bedbugs, cuz it sure was infested with mice and mold!! he -seems- nice enough but is a major slumlord. piss him off once, and he'll refuse to talk to you anymore.

if you're dumb enough to move in, take a video of the place WHILE DOING A WALK THROUGH WITH THE LANDLORD! he will try to blame you for everything that is wrong with the place when you try to move out and get your damage deposit back.

heard the previous tenants were suing him. he deserves it.

see full report...

bedbugs, adult and baby stages April/May 2010. The apartment I lived in was fumigated, but I'm not positive that all 3 levels were bug-bombed. The building is very old, and the chance for re-currence is very high

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