1451 E 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5N

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There was a major infestation last summer in this building (all apartments), CPO came in and sprayed all suites, some suites several times. I moved in in early 2009, did not know anything about bedbugs. Was bitten several times but put it down to "something" bit me, perhaps a spider that I disturbed when moving in. Several weeks later noticed bulletin re bedbugs, and was told by other residents that there had been a bedbug infestation in suite down the hall from mine, which was only treated o

nce and then re-let to new tenant. Several weeks went by and woke up to some really really nasty bites. By this time knew what they were and reported to landlady. CPO has come 4 times in the last 4 months and I still have bedbugs. CPO says they are coming from adjacent suite; this suite has just been treated but none of the other adjoining suites have been done. But I see weekly furniture being thrown out. CPO came to inspect all suites, don't know which ones are being treated. People are not following proper protocol, so am not surprised to see more bedbugs and more suites being re-infested. It is necessary for people to properly clean, along with treatment, in order to get rid of these nasty horrible life-damaging critters. CPOs can spray as much as they can, but people need to do their part, and I just don't see that happening.

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