1415 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5N

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I have just encountered the bugs in my unit at 1415 east broadway. We are going to check with owner tomorrow.

Moved in mid july left a week later. The appartment is infested with them. Caretaker showed little care and was forced to bring in our own pest. Got our deposit back after a fight should have hit them for loss of our clothes and belongings!

Also found dead bugs in drawers wen we moved in!

Do not give these guys any satisfaction! Place is a dump

I recently discovered bed bugs in my apartment and reported it imediately to the live in caretaker at the begining of November 2011. I was told to wait nearly a week before pest control would come in and spray. I thought this itself was unacceptable as people I know who have had similar experiences received next day treatment.

I got the appartment ready for treatment the following week. The follow up treatment was 13 days later on Monday 21 November 2011.

Unfortunately, not even a week o

n I found a bed bug climbing my wall in the living room. So, not only do I still have the bed bugs in my apartment after two treatments and alot of disruption, they've also spread from my bedroom to my whole apartment! I once again talked with my live in caretaker imediately and was told to wait a further 2 weeks as pest control comes in on the second tuesday of every month!

I cannot believe the poor attitude and response this building has to bed bugs.

To make matters worse, I have had an ongoing issue regarding a cockroach infestation in my apartment since mid August 2011.

I highly recomend that anyone considering renting in this building look elsewhere.

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