1333 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5N

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We got bedbugs, caught a few mice in the glue traps the landlord provided and saw a cockroach in the bathroom.
The landlord was very quick about dealing with it. We spent $40 cleaning all our clothes only to get bites a few days later. Even after prepping properly, moving everything away from the wall and removing the socket covers.
The Chinese people on our right didn't prep the apartment properly when the exterminator came. They just put their clothes on the balcony. Which if it was below ze

ro might have worked but its only October.

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Apt 202 - January 2008

We had bedbugs, cockroaches, and mice at this address. My roommate started getting bites in December. She disposed of her bed and purchased a new one and that seemed to help for a bit. The landlord was good about it and the apartment was sprayed twice. My roommate moved into the living room for a month and then moved back into her room. For about a month, everything was fine. In the spring, I started getting bites but she did not. They were really bad in April just befo

re we moved out for May 1.

I saw baby roaches crawling around, but never a major infestation (although some of our neighbours told me it was really bad in their apartments). We had a cat, and every few weeks there would be a dead mouse in the middle of the floor. I found mouse droppings in my dresser drawers and heard scratching noises in the walls and cupboards.

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my apartment is infested with bugs and my children have bites so bad they are on medication and cream..(betaderm) the landlord has sprayed yesterday and now I have to clean my drapes..wash all the clothing..bedding...and everything has to be bleached..my furniture has to be vacumed but I dont know if this will help and I cant afford new furniture...my apt. number is 201- my name is Mesfin..this all started two weeks ago when the weather became very hot..there is nothing new in my house..everyt

hing is as it has been and never had a problem till I moved into this place in Feb...I first had cock roaches and the landlord sprayed but they came back as well...with the housing shortage I cant move...

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