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Last year I moved into an unoccupied suite in a two suite house (the basement suite) the landlords were pleasant enough but made no mention of an ongoing bedbug issue, they seemed a bit sketchy because they wanted to be paid in cash etc. During the first month I got multiple bites but not knowing what it was thought it was spiders or just a result of sensitive skin. A few months down the road I became suspicious of a bed bug infestation after speaking with the tenants upstairs. I had mentioned I

was getting mysterious bites and was wondering if they were having issues as well. The tenant claimed that the people that lived in the suite before us had to move out because the landlords would not deal with the bed bug issues in the basement suite. I know knew what my mystery bites were from. Changing all of my bedding to white and turning on the light when I experienced bites (usually around 3 or 4 am) I could now clearly see that my room had a SERIOUS bed bug problem. I informed my landlords and they booked a spray after 5 different visits from the exterminators the bugs were still present and even worse. The bugs at this address live in the walls, the landlords then started to ignore my calls and put off a promised heat treatment that was sure to relive my bed bug issues. THEY KNOWINGLY LET ME MOVE INTO A BED BUG INFESTED HOME, obviously not caring about what happens to myself or my belongings but only of the amount of rent they received from me in cash. They are not necessarily bad people just money hungry and ignorant people. Save yourself the trouble and do NOT move in here. It has cost me hundreds of dollars and much headache. BED BUGS LIVE HERE!

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