3105 E 15th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5M

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I moved into this house with my roommate about a year ago (Sept. 2010). As we were moving in we noticed several bugs (but didn't know what bed bugs looked like). We told our landlord who said he was aware of the problem of cockroaches (which we also had) and was having an exterminator come in (who turned out to be his cousin). At 4am the first night we stayed there my roommate came into my room freaking out that her bed was covered in bugs. Sure enough, we went back to her room and there were bu

gs everywhere. The following 3 days were complete hell on earth as we came to the traumatic realization that not only was all of our belongings contaminated with bedbugs, we also had no where to live. I had 2 dogs and a cat at the time so it was a lot to ask of anyone -anyone who was willing to risk becoming infested as well. Our landlord refused to admit that he knew about the bedbug problem and accused us of bringing them into the house. We had to throw our all of our bedding/beds/couches away and spent a lot of time and money to fumigate/move again/pay for storage/take time off work etc. In one day I probably killed at least 80 bedbugs. They were absolutely everywhere -including the fridge. I'd wipe down the counter and five minutes later there would be a dozen more.
I lost my contract (because I work from home) and we were severely traumatized from the ordeal. The slumlord threatened me with a 'gun that he kept' and taunted me to take him to court when we asked for monetary compensation from having to move again. It was by far the worst experience I've ever gone through.
It really is sad because the house was previously owned by an elderly couple for over 50 years who had sold it to this shady guy who rented it out to less than savory people (there were at least 8 people living there when I went to look at the place). I saw potential in the house and made the wrong decision. Never will I rent from someone who doesn't seem to care that his tenants are complete slobs and drug addicts. I know bedbugs don't care about cleanliness but it shows true character when you look someone in the eye and tell them the bugs are 'no problem'. Be warned of this house!!!

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