2741 Skeena St
Vancouver, BC V5M

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I purchased a piece of furniture from FilmGo Sales recently. A week after bringing it home I found a bed bug in our bedroom. No problems prior to purchase. I am really hoping it did not come from FilmGo, as it is a lovely spot for vintage and antique furniture. Was planning on buying a chair from them, but now I am very hesitant.

This is a false statement. We have never been approached by a customer regarding this issue.
I would encourage the person who posted this registry to contact us so we can attend to this matter.

In January 2011, I purchased an armchair at Filmgo Consignment. A few days after I got it home, I noticed bits on my arms and legs. I looked under the cushion and found that the chair was infested with bedbugs.

People need to be made aware that bedbugs are a huge problem in Vancouver and NOT to purchase used upholstered furniture.

The incident was downplayed by management, and I was told that since it was a final sale, there is no refund.

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