330 Nanaimo St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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I just think it is important to say that if you look up 330 n nanaimo street it is the same location as 330 nanaimo street. I was a tenant there and made the first complaint back in 2008. I can not believe this is still going on and that innocent victims are being terrorized by this nasty reality. I feel deeply sorry for anyone who moves into this building. I have long moved on from this tragic environment but it still haunts me to this day. I want to make it clear that if you decide to move you

must leave your belongings behind. Otherwise your just going to bring them with you. Best of Luck!!!

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Property Manager did follow up No Problems at this time if you have a problem contact Manager at 604-657-5322

June 2013 - October 2014

Bedbugs throughout building, cockroaches also. Repairs never done.

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Horrible! Simply horrible! Run, don't walk away from this place. Bed bugs, mice and huge cockroaches. I was scared to go into my kitchen as the bugs kept coming through the walls. When I left I left most furniture and my bed. So disgusting.

This place is a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!
The Landlord pat is a complete slumlord.
Not only did my apartment get bedbugs but it also had, cockroaches, and mice!!!
Not to mention the drunks down the hall the crack heads below and the hookers that hang out in the parking lot.
Its also a place that allows this ''landlord'' to do what he pleases with peoples $. If he doesn't want to give you your $ back he wont.
If you try to complain to the real ''management'' they wont do anything abo

ut it.
Yea sure they spray the place when it gets a report of occurring bed bugs... but it never solves anything because half of the time the people they hire to do the jobs are just as bad!!
The last time they sprayed my place they didn't even do all of the rooms!!!
This place is disgusting. Its a horrible feeling to know that a rental like this actually exists and continues to operate. Its not right!
People should not have to deal with these kinds of things. They most certainly shouldn't have to deal with bed bugs and not being informed by the operators of these kinds of incidents!
I feel grateful that I can at the very least let others know about these issues because it NEEDS to be heard and seen and understood. these are serious issues and they need to be taken into consideration. Don't even bother and or waste your time with this apartment. Its not worth it!!!
save your $$$ and your time!!!
get out if you just moved in!!! The funny thing is I read these complaints about this location after moving here but I was so desperate to have a place that i ignored it and wrote it off as angry tenants.... Not the case at all after all here I now am writing my own complaints and experiences...

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I found out the second floor has had a few reports of bedbugs. The property owner hasn't really taken steps to deal with the problem -apparently it's been going on for months, they just spray the individual suites when ppl report it, and the bugs travel in the hallways when furniture is moved. They sprayed mine quite quickly which was good, but unfortunatley they didn't seem to go away. The pest control company recommended treating my apartment in two weeks time to follow up but I don't know if

the manager is going to do it, I didn't bother to follow up as I've moved out since, apparently there is a mice problem there too, after I saw the mice I decided to flee, bedbugs and mice were just too much to deal with as I've had problems with infestations in the past in Vancouver and am tired of slumlord property owners that don't take responsibility for their tenants!

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Just discovered there may be bed bugs in my suite, I have yet to find one but the bites are evidence enough I suppose. I've contacted management to see if there has been a problem in the past so I guess I'll find out soon enough what they plan to do.

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