2345 Dundas St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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Update: Anonymous on 10/29/2015

The landlord inspected the mattress with me. Captured two live bugs (one small and one quite large). Referred to professional pest control. They will spray in 4 days and have booked a follow up spray for the week after. Hopefully this takes care of them. It's not obvious what brought them in the building. They may have come from another suite or I may have tracked some in inadvertently. Either way, they are currently in the building.

Just discovered a live bedbug in the seam of my mattress. Have been experiencing bites for the last few days. Contacting manager in the morning to see what can be done. They're definitely in this building along with cockroaches. Managers seem fairly proactive, so hopefully this can be resolved quickly.

Could anyone currently in the building or just leaving the building let me know if the bed bug problem is serious? Please

I just wanted to add to my report that the landlords were very nice and quick to respond, pest control was in my suite in 2 days. I asked if there were any other complaints they said no and the usually spray a suite after someone has moved out. The building is a good build run by landlords that care and fix problems as fast as they can.

Found bedbugs in my suite seen cockroaches in the building. Cockroach problems seem to be taken care of only seen 4 in my suite since I moved there almost a year ago. And haven't seen any in over 4 months. Bed bugs are a definite new problem. Will keep you posted if problem gets fixed.

This is not a report, but a question. Someone made a 2014 report of sighting a bug "jumping" in the hallway. Bed bugs crawl and fall, but the are not able to jump.

Has there been an outbreak of bed bugs in this building since 2010?

I was considering a suite, but not if the bed bug problem is not resolved.

november 2014, while doing laundry I saw a bug casually jumping around in the hallway. They haven't made it to my suite yet but if they are casually running around in the open its only a matter of time.

I moved into 2345 Dundas St June 2010. I asked the landlady directly- has this BUILDING had any problems with bed bugs. She said NO. So I moved in. November I started seeing bed bugs in my suit. I then notified the manager, and found out from another tenant that his suit has been treated 14 times since he's been in this building! And he told me other suits have been treated. I also saw a mattress and couch with BUGS written on them out by the dumpster of this place a couple months ago obviou

sly from another suit. Yes she did call pest control to come and treat in a timely fashion- they have treated my suit twice. But the last time the guy came with the dog he said they might come back- no guarantees they are gone. I am moving and she is already showing my suit not telling new tenants it was just treated for bedbug infestation early december. 2345 Dundas Street in East Vancouver. They own other buildings.

see full report...

Yep, plenty of bed bugs here. I had them in April of 2008 and moved out soon after. It is a porous building so...

2345 dundas St. There is constant problems with bedbugs in this building. My unit hasn't been hit since I've lived there... yet.

I have lived at The Oceanview Rooms 213-2167 Dundas St. Vancouver for about 3 years now. At first the management and staff tried to keep pests under control but have done NOTHING in the last year and the infestation is horrid. Now beds are not even sprayed down between tenants and requests for cans of bug spray are ignored completely.

Two times - mid-2007 and again in September 2007, I was sprayed in this building for bed bugs. I didn't have them, but the apartment first beside and then below me did. I have since moved out.

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