2256 Franklin St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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its prob bs the report cause i know people that live there with no problems at all but they are scared as the place next door to them is badly infested maybe they got the biuldings mixed up do not rent at 2228 franklin its bad this place is ok from what i hear

In response to the anonymous report below I have the following questions:
1)Which suite are you in?
2)Why would you state that management refuses to deal with the situation when NO REPORT of any kind has ever been made to management?
3)If you are really a tenant in this building (which I doubt) please report to the office immediately, and pest control will be sent IMMEDIATELY to your suite to inspect it and treat as necessary.
There has never been any report of bedbugs in this building broug

ht to the attention of the office.
This registry is a sham - where any person can write anything they wish and prey upon people's fears of bugs. As a responsible management company we would immediately treat any reported incidence of bedbugs.
The people running this registry should be ashamed of allowing "anonymous" posts where there is no recourse to the libel posted here.

see full report...

Absolutely disgusting. Woke up to bugs crawling on my legs and bites all over my body. The landlord refuses to realize the situation would rather ignore the issue than deal with it. Do not move here what ever you do. I talked to a long time tenant of the building and they said this is the second or third time bugs have been seen over the years. Now I have to move again.

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