2240 Triumph St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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Just moved in, found a couple bed bugs, and I trust the person who lived here for the three years before me. So I called in a canine bed bug inspection team, paid 160$ out of my pocket, found an infestation thats been here for months. The suite across mine has bed bugs on and off, and the landlady told me herself that she finds them in her apartment and she just flushes them and sprays her bed with over the counter bug spray and "it's not a big deal." She also told me as I was balling my eyes ou

t because I just spent all my time and money and used all my favours to get myself moved into the building, that "its vancouver and everyone has bed bugs" and that I was "overreacting." Dont move in here. She will not help you get rid of them. The company that owns the building hasn't gotten back to me, the pest control they have used in the past has never worked and isn't even recognized by the inspection team. I am broke and I need help but the whole operation in charge of this building is complacent.


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I live in this building and the person who lives on the third floor found bed bugs in her bed. So she threw out the mattress and told the landlord. The landlord has done nothing and has not told anyone in the building. SO i am reporting it here and am telling everyone in the building.

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