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Absolutely disgusting and filthy building. I do not seem to have bedbugs--not sure how I missed this one--but have had mice problems from day one and vermin in general. I think I am the only tenant in the place who does their best to keep an ultra-clean suite. Am also the only tenant who is semi-normal...nothing but scumbags and lowlifes live there. Police incidents occur on the regular.

John the landlord is an alcoholic and has been "on leave" at least three times in one year for his

issues. Somehow he keeps his gig although he appears to do absolutely nothing. Management (Aquilini) could not care less about this place and their own people keep giving up on the place. The place is pet-friendly only in order to deal with the vermin. Never move here--it needs to be torched to the ground.

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Since I moved in, march 2014
Till no January 2015, I have
Been doing with a cockroach
Infestation, whilst the rest of
This building has been dealing
With the same and on top of that
Bedbugs!! The manager now
Is john, who could care less
And don't bother calling
Aqulini, because they are
Just as useless.

July 20, 2012: We have had a change in management. You thought Linda was lazy. Ian is as useless as they come. The tenant of #105 asked repeatedly to be sprayed for cockroaches only to be told he is getting to everyone, one at a time. 3 months later still nothing and now the place is infested. You see them crawling on the walls outside his door. The neighbors are now infested also. But again the manager does nothing. He has tried to blame the old lady in #101 and told her it was her fault

and she would have to look after her own place for cockroaches and bedbugs. I have thrown out a bed and a couch now. The last manager was a thief and lazy as hell and this one is useless and lazy. The garbage in the back is a constant fire hazard from mattresses left out there, or infested furniture. The dogs pack the bedbugs thru the place and it smells like a damn kennel. Blowing the building up would be kinder than having people move and infest more of the city from bugs. BEWARE AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING.

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We lived in apartment #303 for two months in 2011, in October and November. When we went in for an interview, the building manager at the time, Linda, was occupying our soon-to-be suite, claiming that hers (#302) was being renovated. Before we moved in, we asked if there had been any history of bedbugs and she said that if there were any in our apartment, she would know because she had been living there.

October rolled around, and we happily moved in, only realizing during the move that the

hallways stank of damp dogs and garbage. A few days later, we checked the bed bug registry and learned about the alerts for this location, but it was too late for us to do anything. We reluctantly unpacked all of our stuff with the hope that the management had taken care of any problems.

It only took a month. After discovering several cockroaches, mice and some seriously disturbed neighbours, as well as a steady supply of freshly discarded mattresses by the dumpster, we decided to move out. We gave our notice at the end of our first month and at the same time, Linda was fired... apparently for making side deals with tenants to steal the appliances. This may be a rumour, but my experience living in that apartment definitely gave me innumerable reasons as to why she might be fired.

The manager that replaced her seems competent and happy to take on the challenges of such an infested building, but it seems like this building is beyond any band-aid solutions - it should be properly fumigated if not completely torn down and rebuilt. Unfortunately, Aquilini Group doesn't seem to have their tenants welfare in mind, as long as those rent cheques keep coming in...

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To Sy: You are doing all the complaining about them when you should be owning up responsibility. You were the guy who visited the addict across the park constantly. When she was evicted they found her place crawling with bedbugs. The infestation started in your corner of the building. So when you are looking for blame, look in the mirror.

Go to this site. I use this and it seems effective. Make sure you use a mask and gloves with this procedure.


This other is also effective, just harder to find:


the whole place is disgusting its full of bedbugs the stupid landlady cant remedy the situation theres a bed cemetary in the back and the loser with the one leg told me he never seen one lol they are getting him haha linda is fair she does what she can but it will never be enough i think the ownwers get her to be the way she is but i wouldnt live there again its aweful she said there everywhere where you gonna go lol i laughed said i didnt havem before i wont havem after ill throw everything

out and start over i dont care anything is better than living in that sh*%thole what a dive druggies hookers turning tricks in stairwells when they arent shooting up there bed bugs everywhere mice and rats i heard horrible place to live run id sooner be homeless than live there again and all you people that say your goping to move out give your head a shake do it already complaining your babies are getting eaten alive come on are you that dumb get out throw all your shit away start over there is life after bed bugs dont be stupid

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i moved in here in august nothing but bugs everywhere its gross theres a new bed or beds being thrown out daily and there crawling all over the place youd be stupid to move here anyone who stays and puts up with it is retarded thats why they keep renting the suites cause people like getting eaten alive apparently dummies DO NOT MOVE HERE YOU WOULD BE DUMB TO TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO USE THIS SITE THAT RENTS

While not in my suite I have seen them in other areas of the building. This is INSANE. Mice run wile. Bed bugs everywhere. And such a fuss put up by management if you DARE complain.

I had major issues in my suit that took MONTHS to clear up but should have only taken a day or two.

Linda is such a useless manager. She does NOTHING. She cons other people into doing things. Her and her family are known thieves who have stole from people in the building before.


have to concur i have had to throw out 2 matress the first costing over $2000 and the second around a $1000 not to mention the permenant scarring left on both my legs as i am apparently slightly alergic to their bites.
i now have one of thos mite and bug covers around my bed now and since this building is also overun with mice lately i havent had any bites ....i guess mice eat bedbug apparently... so i guess its the lesser of 2 evils either pet up with mice feces all over everything or be eat


cant wait to be out of here in april.



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@ Andy come on bud you know this had gotten so out of control that anything you do is going to be a band aid approach to a problem that only has one answer...............BURN THAT SHITHOLE TO THE GROUND!!!!


DO NOT RENT HERE DO NOT RENT HERE TRUST ME PLEASE i think they should just kick everyone out and burn this place down nobody has anything good to say about it and the pest problem is horrible the landlady is not doing everything she can to tackle the problems and uses you can bring your dog as a pet friendly biulding to lure people to move in i wouldnt even want my dog to live here ive moved out and there are much better places to live trust me where you wont get eaten alive aswell as have

mice and rats running your place aswell DO NOT RENT HERE TRUST ME

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Discovered bed bugs in my suite about 2 months ago. I was extremely reluctant to have the suite sprayed as I have a newborn daughter. After much deliberation we decided to let Orkin come and spray. Me, my three cats, and my daughter stayed in a hotel for three days (the Orkin man said to keep the baby away as long as possible). After washing and drying every cloth item in my house, as well as steam cleaning I figured our prognosis was pretty good. Suites must be retreated 10-14 days after i

nitial treatment in order to get the bugs that have hatched from eggs that were not killed during the first spray. Did all the prepwork again and stayed in hotel for another three days, to find out that the landlord DID NOT RETREAT MY SUITE. So, all of the hours of prep (doing all laundry on hot, bagging clothing, steaming, and moving furniture for Orkin) to assure that treatment would work, including the huge inconvenience to my family, (what with packing a littlerbox, three cats, baby, stroller, kitty litter, cat food, and three days worth of baby supplies into and out of the hotel)was a complete waste of time because the landlord here can't tell up from down. To say the least, I am furious and will be leaving at the end of the summer. I cannot have my baby being bitten by these bugs, and besides, there have been about 8 suites of crackheads that have moved in within the last 3 months. This place sucks!!!!

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Due to management's blase approach to dealing with this problem, bedbugs will never be eradicated from this building. I know there is a huge problem here but I had no idea that more than a couple suites had been treated 8+ times!! This has to be a health risk. The building is not only infested with bedbugs, roaches, and mice, but it is contaminated with pesticides. Stay away!!

do not move here unless you like bedbugs

i just moved in here and found then crawling the walls i was sickened the poor landlord said she didnt know anything i believe her she seems like a very nice lady and is probably doing the best she can but i think i am just going to move out throw out all my stuff that they like to live in and start over there is a mentally retarded lady beside me she says she doesnt see many of them oh my fn god i couldnt believe her words coming outve her mouth she obviously didnt care im going to talk to th

e landlord again all i can do is make this place air tight by usung caulking on every crack and opening in the place ive also foamed the radiator pipe that comes in throught the wall where they come in this has seemed to hepl but i cant live like this this is ridiculous thanks for your website ill use it when looking for a new place of residence

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I think you try the vegan diet

well, I'm still a tenant in the building and after treatment of the bugs in July, 09, I still have bed bugs :(

I'm afraid to move in fear of taking them with me :(

I have to respond to some comments here. There sounds like a lot of blame, rather than taking some responsibility. Bedbugs are conquered by strategy. Know your enemy. :^)

I live at 2228 Franklin Street and have been treated twice for bedbugs (two sprays each). Once was at our request because my partner was getting badly bitten. The second time was when the whole building was sprayed, a great relief to some and a terrible inconvenience to others. At this particular time, two tenants refused to

comply and moved out the following month.

There are some misconceptions about bedbugs I think. One problem I see recurrently, is that managers move tenants to empty suites to then redo the problem apartments. Makes sense. Except that on both occasions when that someone moved in beside us, we then got bedbugs.

We also had cockroaches only once, which were treated and never returned. Currently, we do not have bedbugs, and haven't in a long time.

I have talked to several pest control workers about bedbugs and have become quite knowledgeable. These are the things I've learned.

Spraying the whole building is not necessarily effective. Only because, people move in and out, and move things in and out. Bedbugs are through out Vancouver's east side. It is extremely costly, adds huge inconvenience and people have health issues and pets.

Secondly, spraying for bedbugs makes them scatter. Bedbugs are easiest to locate and identify when they live in colonies, which is what they are proned to do. This way you can carefully look for the little brown dots of their shit (of your blood). Once they scatter, the small bugs are almost indetectable -- and they are on the move. This is why it is recommended that you do NOT use sprays like Raid, indiscriminately. You are better off to hunt for them and squish 'em.

Our bedbug colony turned out not to be in the usual places sprayed, but hiding in the the fray of a hanging wall rug. Bedbugs love wood, especially old wood with cracks. They can also be found along the piping/seams of the matress. We bought matress and boxspring covers from Orkin and that worked great! They weave is designed so the bugs can't get in -- or out.

One home remedy for bedbugs that I was told was actually quite effective is dietenatious earth, found in any garden section for use on cockroaches and other pests. I put this around the entire perimeter of the apartment after all the spraying was over.

I have always done this for cockroaches when I lived in Toronto, which is the City of Cockroaches! This is what "Chinese chalk" is made of. There have been reports of possible cancer risks though, from breathing it airborne. But this is not a big concern is you are just drawing a line of powder along the edge of the baseboard and floor.

Today, (July 22, 2009) 2228 Franklin is having all suites sprayed at once. There were three teams and six trucks there this morning. Let's hope after this huge inconvenience for me and my pets, that someone doesn't move in next door with them next month, hidden in that lovely piece of furniture they just bought at a thrift store.

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I am not certain why I'm still a tenant in the building, but, personally have been treated for bed bugs over 8 times. I've also requested to be treated for roaches too. Was told I was treated for roaches but found out that the tech either watched tv or diddled himself while here because well, I have found 2-5 roaches in the last 24 hours and 2 dead, 1 living bed bug as well. I'm so disgusted.

This place still has bedbugs, I do not comprehend how the band-aid approach of spraying a few suites here and there will ever be effective in ridding the building of these revolting pests.

The whole building is infested with bedbugs and roaches. At this time it is being treated, but individual suites still have the option to refuse, which means that the building will remain infested.
Orkin/PCO admits that some suites have been treated as many as 8 times in the last 12 month period, which seems very high to me!

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