2199 Wall St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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Correction about 2199 Wall Street...we don't seem to have them I have been here for several monthes and it seems the landlord is very dilligent and there are no problems here. I have spoken to several tenants, upon moving in, back in February, and they state there hasn't been a problem. I am not sure about across the street, even though it is the same manager.

I have friends across the street has had them and I believe they still do...2184 Wall St. I am at 2199 Wall street....UGH! Manager has "Pasted" but I don't believe the managments "Spray" is being done properly. We are STILL getting bit! I have not seen any cockroaches, as previously reported. Otherwise the buildings seem clean! UGH!!!!

In mid-July 2008, we started getting bitten by bed bugs. We called the manager right away. She said she would send the exterminators. We have made dozens of phone calls to her since our first call, but to no avail. She has done nothing.

The problem is getting worst and spreading to other suites.

This apartment building also has cockroaches.

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