2184 Wall St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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Just thought I'd clear this up. I am currently living here and have not seen any bed bugs or any form of pest. I set out traps for roaches and mice and nothing has showed up. But I am really clean and use a lot of remedies to rid of them so that could be it. Also the landlord is great and very attentive to your needs and on top of things. It's a rough building with rough looking people but overall I think things are currently good here and I've spoken to a couple people living here and they said

they have not seen any bed bugs of any sort!

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Please help we are stuck here

My boyfriend and I moved to Vancouver together and got our first apartment here. I was extremely paranoid about moving somewhere with bed bugs, so i asked the landlord and previous tenants all about it. They said there were no bugs, except for a previous problem with roaches that was cleared up a few years ago. We moved in, and just because I was so paranoid, I bought white pillowcases. Within weeks there was bloodstains on the pillowcases and my boyfriend had some bites. I moved our BRAND NEW M

ATTRESS off the floor and the pad I had put under it was covered in bedbugs. This is after my apartment was sprayed before I moved it and the whole building and apartment was sprayed again. And I also sprayed again too because we had killed roaches. So now we are sleeping in the living room, with the bedroom empty, back on the air mattress because we tossed our other one. I have sprayed the whole place four times. Our landlord is cool and the whole building was sprayed again because we complained. It's been over a week since then and I am still killing bedbugs every night and finding them in my bed. I hope we are going to be sprayed again by a real professional. I hope my landlord pays for all my dry cleaning (required for everything fabric when we were sprayed), and maybe for all my suffering too.

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