2130 Cambridge St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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Aug. 14 2011

This place still has bed bugs and is constantly infested with cockroaches. "RENTERS BEWARE" Bad Management and bugs.

bedbugs in the 2nd and third floors of this buildings in January-May 2009. Some tenants cooperated with box-spray procedure, whereas others did not. After treatments, bugs found again in three known suits.

To follow up on the comments below, first floor tenant has a pet and made alternate living arrangements for this pet during fumigation of apartment. The pest control and apartment management did not show up at the agreed day or time, after tenant had prepared apartment for fumigation(hours of work). Tenant was not prepared to leave pet outside in -12C weather when pest control people did show up on a different day, therefor treatments on first floor suites did not happen. Tenant on first floor

tried to arrange alternate time for treatment however was never able to get a call back from management company. Person's who post on here should collect all information before informing such registries, good investigative work!!

see full report...

Bed bugs likely on all three floors as of January 2009. Incident of bugs known on floors 2 and 3. The first floor tenants have not cooperated in having their suites sprayed for precautionary purposes (and/or they may have bugs and are not dealing with it).

January 2008 – bedbugs found in two third-floor suites. Management company [the owners. actually] arranged a spray program for about one-third of the building's suites. This is not a first occurrence.

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