1880 E Pender St
Vancouver, BC V5L
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Bed bugs. I honestly dont even mind the cockroaches... But Bed bugs.. My roommate and I BOTH moved here from out of town and BOTH had brand new mattresses dropped off from the brick. Horrible decision. Our suite was newly renovated, yet still, after 2 and a half months living here the bites started. OBVIOUSLY neither of us brought the bugs here with us b/c we both came with almost nothing but brand new mattresses. Anyways. I told the landlord, and she had the pest guy look at my mattress a few d

ays later cause he was coming to treat the cockroaches anyway... He apparently found nothing... So i relaxed and told myself it was a spider. Then, I woke up this morning with another 5 bites in a row on my shoulder. You can come to your own conclusions but these bites definitely meet the description... I feel so stupid for moving here, now that i've found this website and seen this building's track record. My brand new mattress has to be burned. This really sucks. Im doing a masters degree right now and am smack dab in the middle of my term. I do not have time to deal with this. They need to treat the entire building at once, rather than going suite by suite. Clearly the bugs are in the walls.

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Massive bug problem. MASSIVE. Partly the fault of the manager and partly the fault of the tenants. Straight up: 1: Royal Providence management will rent to literally anybody. This includes referrals from the Kettle Friendship Society, which among other things, helps the less mentally stable members of society get housing. This grand gesture on the part of Kettle Society does not extend to coming round and picking up after such persons in their filthy, stinking apartments once a week, which is wh

at needs to happen. Bless them, RPM does have an open, generous pet policy, which is great for the more responsible adults among us who are pet owners, but OMFG when you get one of these kettle society tenants into your building with a pet! You can see these mental health consumers moping around the lobby or front entrance of the building at all hours of the day & night. We have also had problems with these lost souls letting their pals into the building after office hours, then going door to door once they gain entry to the building. OK, so there are tenants in these buildings with SERIOUS personal hygiene issues. 2: RPM also rents to absentee tenants. If you only have a few bugs in your building, once you leave an apartment vacant, it's party time for all the little cockroaches in that apartment. OK, maybe not so little. And then the roaches start to explore beyond that apartment, and poke their ugly little heads into other apartments... and so on... Not all the suites have bedbugs but I heard some tenant complaints so some people have them. We all have at least SOME ambient roaches if not full-on outbreak. 3: RPM allows tenants to jack up their heat year-round. There are tenants crazy enough to leave the heat on all summer. The building is always uncomfortably hot because of this. Yet another welcome mat for bugs. 4: The asshole they had doing pest control was useless, leaving brown, disgusting "bait" all over the building, instead of treating premises properly. This guy was totally unprofessional. He was worse than useless. I heard from 2 different female tenants that he actually made passes at them! Dude with his mind on things other than doing his job properly. Finally enough tenants complained that they replaced him with somebody else, who (they say!) knows his job but this is yet to be proven. 5: (and this probably comes back to the first reason) There are some assholes living here who leave their trash all over the common areas of the building. In the stairwells, laundry areas, in the lobby, even in the elevator. WHAT is their PROBLEM! 6: manager knows the building has a serious worsening problem, and that the way to stop it is by treating the whole building at once. They SAY they know this. But does it happen? No. Instead they continue to furtively treat individual apartments only when the tenant demands it. If the manager is busy it can take weeks for them to get around to booking pest control. Plenty long enough for a handful of roaches to turn into hundreds. RPM needs to stop taking referrals from Kettle Society for starters. They need to admit the problem exists, and treat the whole building at once, properly, before winter hits because tenants will be inconvenienced by it, but it needs to happen. Manager also needs to get better cleaners. Right now tenants pick up after the cleaners, especially outside the building. Until the Kettle Society folks move on to different housing (we can only hope) their places must be inspected monthly for anything that invites the critters, and treated regularly. RPM must stop letting people rent here just so they can keep a physical address in Vancouver. There should not be tenants leaving their places unoccupied. They also need a resident manager on site, LIVING HERE as long as they have mental health consumers among the tenants. Manager should have to live here and deal with it like the rest of us. The family that runs RPM is the same family who own the Vancouver Canucks. Rent is not cheap here either. Get rid of the damn bugs!

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Bed bugs and cockroaches in my suite and not getting damage deposit back. Did not have a good experience here at all 😞

THERE ARE NO BUGS IN MY SUITE! other than a few fruit flies (god damn things!! my own fault!)

Bed bugs ARE NOT infesting this building!!!

The management calls pest control if they need to. I reported a cockroach to them (just in case there was an infestation starting) and within a week, pest control was here, thank-you management! So Within the week I was waiting for pest control, i saw NO MORE COCKROACHES! And since then, guess what? I haven't seen any more! So there was no problem, the

little buggers must have come through the windows!

FYI: Cockroaches are not harmful. The only way they can harm you is if the bacteria they are carrying causes an illness in you (pretty unusual!)

And definitely no bedbugs in my suite. I am an extremely hygenic person, who actually is scared of getting herself or her bed infested with bugs.

As a renter of this building for 6 months now and being a person who is always on the lookout for lice, bedbugs, coach roaches, dust mites, tinea etc... you can trust me MY SUITE IS FINE!!!

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Disgusting..... Lived here for five months with my bofriend. We are very clean people but this building is so unsanitary. It is mostly infested with cockroaches and the management left the problem for so long I wasn't even sleeping at my aparment for the last three weeks I paid rent for it. Our neighbours moved out the same day we did because of bed bugs AND cockroaches. Do yourself a favor, do not live here, and pass the message along.

Sep 2010

I lived here for my first year in Vancouver, and what a horrific introduction to life in BC it was.Within hours of moving in there were Cockroaches all over the kitchen.This was a taste of what was to come.As some others have alluded to, the Property Management Company at 1880 East Pender, lets just say they are related to the owners of the Canucks allegedly, are complete and utter slum landlords.1880 E Pender, at my time of habitation, had at least 5 suites in the building that were riddled wit

h bed bugs.The problem seemed to stem from the fact they allowed people with mental issues to abide there, simply because the Govt paid the rent cheques month after month after month.These folk, whilst harmless and somewhat down on their luck, did not seem to have the same hygiene standards most of the other tenants had.The Management people insinuate that the all new tenants bring in Bed Bugs, but having lived there and witnessed the regular sight of the pest control truck pulling up to the apartments, it appears there are real problems at this building.Please prospective tenants, do not move in here, there are other alternatives.Your life will become a nightmare if you take the plunge here.

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Just for the record this building is not covered in bedbugs. The previous report here, purporting to be from someone "visiting a friend" is very curious. If you saw a fumigator leaving the building does that not indicate that management are responsible? To any prospective tenant - we offer a BBB Pest Control company inspection, at our expense, to any incoming tenant.
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This building is covered in bed bugs.
I was visiting a friend last month and there was a fumigater leaving the building.
Oh gosh I can not even imaging living in a place like this, it is so gross. Someone needs to do something about it and quick. I feel bad for the peeps that live there

Opps sorry correction, I moved into this building in 2005 not 2006!

In response to "Anonymous"

There had been no bedbugs in that apartment when you moved in, so the "insinuation" was not exactly out of line. Let's also address the fact that you never informed us that you had bedbugs - we had to find out from your neighbour across the hall, who incidentally is the neighbour "Disgruntled Tenant" is referring to.
You fail to mention that Management dealt with the situation promptly once we did find out - as we do in ALL reported pest problems. The building has

regular pest control for a reason - we don't want pests in the building either - it tends not to be good for business, and as we work in the building too it is hardly in our own best interests to ignore pest problems (as you did). I recommend that any prospective tenants come and check out our records and pest control contracts if they have any doubts about our sincerity when it comes to addressing pest problems. People seem to forget that bedbugs ARE brought into buildings by tenants, on second hand furniture and mattresses or second hand clothing. And nobody ever addresses the fact that responsible landlords who call in pest control regularly because of it are subject to hefty costs on a regular basis - and the only thanks we get are sites like this where any disgruntled tenant can vent, or lie, or exaggerate to their heart's content and we have little or no recourse to defend ourselves. Please also note the very faint print at the bottom of the screen "We don't vouch for the truthfulness of any report on this site". If any other Landlord's out there agree - add your voice.

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July 2008 App.308-1880 East Pender

I had the most horrible time of my life as this address. There has been roaches and bed bugs at there for a while. It used to be a junkies building but they 'cleaned it up'.
Some renovated suited look great including my previous one but I was infested with roaches from day one and we noticed bed bugs after living there for a month.

The management are very sleek and will lie to tenants to be with a smile on their face saying there is not such problem in

their building. They even insinuated that we must have brought the pests in with us...

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My neighbors on each side of me were fumigated many times for this problem. I got worried but after inspecting numerous times found nothing. I starting getting these strange bites and convinced the landlord to do the same for my suite. Even after all the crap that I have gone through this morning there is a series of 3 welts on my arm. Beware do not move here ! There is also a problem with Cockroaches as well its never ending. I am moving in a month to a new apartment but i think they have come

back and i am going to have to get all new furniture.

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