1856 Frances St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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I lived in a 2 bedroom suite on the second floor, for a few months when I first moved to Vancouver. It's a nice street with nice looking buildings, but...

I got bitten by bed bugs a lot! The bites stay itchy for weeks.

The apt was exterminated twice and I went through the recommended quarantine process; the bed bugs still came back! I suspect there are other suites in the building that was also invested. So unless the while building is sprayed and treated, it will likely continue to be a p


I had a friend that lived 2 buildings down the street and her apt got invested with bed bugs as well.

I lived there from May 2008 - August 08. I left after the bugs came back for the 3rd time.

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October 16, 2008

Bedbugs have infested both bedrooms in 2nd floor suite. Have reported problem to management company, awaiting resolution.

No nearby bug reports