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Property Manager did follow up No Problems at this time if you have a problem contact Manager at 604-729-8290

This apartment is a total joke. They have had on going bed bug problem for years. I have since moved and I can't believe I got out of there with out catching them. They have people moving in and moving out like crazy. At least 4 or 5 units had huge infestations as of June. About 10 more were also getting sprayed regularly. The landlord is nice and I'm sure he is under pressure to keep costs down by who ever owns the building because they don't screen people who move in. Once one person leaves wi

th in 12 hours a new tentant has moved in. They do not let the new people know anything about what is going on and they have to just find out for themselves. Furniture is always left in the alley with bed bug signs. Also people party like crazy in the building and treat their neighbors like crap. Nothing get done, they just don't care as long as they can keep the rent checks coming. Skip this building all together because it is filthy, gross and infested with bugs

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this Building did have a bedbug problem about a year and a half or so ago but I haven't heard of anything recent. It also had a Terrible problem with ROACHES!! I haven't seen one in maybe 8 months so after many treatments I think they are gone now. Other then some anoying loud kids partying, I have had no problems in the last year

I lived here for over a year. The landlord is a very nice guy, and is at the mercy of the the owners, so I don't blame him. But the problem definitely was not taken care of. I reported seeing a couple of bedbugs, but luckily for us we were not infested YET. I think they were just on their way in. We moved out in a wave of about 6 other units. A big problem is there are some units who don't want the hassle of sprayers coming into their apartment, and they don't cooperate, clean etc. We steamed ev

erything and treated everything we owned and bought a bed bug cover for our mattress. We got out without them, but I would NOT recommend moving into this building. It was one of the most stressful times of my life dealing with that. We had to forfeit our damage deposit.

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actually below is a lie. Management kept the problem secret for months, only spraying the first suite that reported. Then they spread. Over a three year period, there was only one general spraying. They would spray a suite when someone complained, but we all know that doesn't work. The parking lot was always full of furniture people dumped due to infestation. And management also refused to re-imburse me for out of pocket expenses (a non-chemical spray, garbage bags, caulking). So glad I m


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The posting below is all **False** it has been posted by a **Disgruntled Employee** we use MPC or Canadian Pest Control If their are any deficiencies repairs are done within 48 hrs.

Property Management

I advise anyone who is considering moving into this apartment building to strongly reconsider. There is a huge bed bug problem that has not been properly dealt with for years.
Save yourself the hassle and keep looking for residence.
If you are informed that there is no bed bug problem in the building like I was, don't believe it because there is. A BIG one.
Move out or move on!

I live next door to this building and it pisses me off that nothing has been done about this problem. It's been going on for years and spraying one unit at a time isn't going to solve the problem. I had friends move out years ago due to this and I'm still see discarded furniture(now and again)in the alley behind the building which is a tell tale sign.

Recommend Mark at Vancouver Bed Bug Control to your landlord and stand up with one another to get the building properly inspected and dealt wi


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i just signed a 1 year lease at 1855 georgia without being informed of any bed bug infestation! i am moving from alberta with my dog in 1 week so i am extremley worried.....
i am gong to call vancouver public health and see if they can help me out... any other suggestions?

The landlord/building manager is anything but professional. The problem has been ongoing for years and there hasnt been a building wide spray for years. someone needs to sue. demand a building wide spray, one every ten days for a couple of months that may actually help.

I've lived here for over a year and not had a problem. I've heard of the problem in the building but I also know its being dealt with. If I discover them I would notify the landlord right away, he is very professional and will help with the situation (He is legally obligated!). The faster you act the better!

It's up to the tenants to be proactive otherwise you'll become part of the problem. It's upsetting to me that there is someone in my building knowing of a problem in their apartment and c

hoosing not to deal with it.

FYI Moving probably won't solve your problem, they can easily travel with you in your belongings (clothes, books, electronics, furniture, you name it...) It's not your fault that you got them BUT it will be your fault if you pass them on to your new building and your old neighbors.

Vancouver needs to get educated on this topic. The ignorance is just spreading the problem.

So please mystery tenant, in the very least let the landlord know.

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Apr 21/09. 3rd floor. I moved here in 2008. I had no idea about the bed bug problem in Vancouver, until a friend at work told me about the Bed Bug Registry website. For "fun", we entered my new address and my building was registered as having an infestation. I began asking other tenants who confirmed that the building has had problems for years. I had absolutely no signs of the pests for a full 5 months. Then, an overnight visitor received some bites..i thought maybe it was just an allergic

reaction to something. A few days later, after sleeping on the couch, i got some bites myself. I am not pleased. Just days ago, i saw a live one, on my comforter ! The Residential Tenancy Board says that a Landlord does NOT have to disclose a past or present infestation, to new tenants. I'm moving out at the end of May'09. Needless to say, i will be checking this site to see if my new home will have the same problem.


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I don\'t think the landlord is properly dealing with this situation at 1855 E Georgia. My friends in the top upper north east corner just found out about an infestation and are in the process of moving out of the building. All the signs of a landlord not doing a proper job of dealing with this are associated with this bulding. The good news is that as of March 31st, 2008 all reports and inspections will be done by Vancouver Coastal health atthority and they are about to make landlords deal with

infestations properly.

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as far as i know my apartment was the first to be reported with an infestation. this was in october of 2006. the landlord told me that it was my responsibility to deal with the problem. i did everything that i was told by the pest control people to prepare for the fumigation. it was sprayed twice while i still lived there. i suggested strongly to the landlord that they also spray the adjoining suites to prevent a further problem. they chose not to. they told me that no other tenant had com

plained about a problem. well, looking at this web site confirms my greatest fear. i have moved on and i have learned that HEAT is a great killer of these bugs. steam is a great answer and non toxic too. just like throwing your textiles in a hot dryer, the steam will kill not only the bugs but the eggs as well. fumigation does not kill the eggs and it takes 15 days to fully kill adults. how these bugs got into my apartment i have no idea, i had not travelled anywhere or purchased any used furniture. i do know that the bed bug will not bite every person, so possibly one of the other tenants brought them in and the bugs liked my blood better? all i know is that my entire body was covered in itchy welts. i am so very glad to have the whole affair behind me now.

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a bed bug warning notice was posted in the lobby. sure enough, we now have the start of a bed bug infestation. have sprayed mattress ourselves and left lights on to help control it. now prepping bedroom for professional pest control. spoke to other tenants and apparently its been a problem for a few years. wish we were told before we moved in/bought a new mattress....hoping to leave asap.

Live adult crawled under the door July 2007. Building was fumigated twice in february (2007), yet this bug stayed alive in a ziplock bag for ten days.

Rumours are that other apartments have been infested starting two years ago.

Also, anonymous neighbours recently posted two different paper signs in the hallways warning of new infestations.

This suggests that three of thirty apartments may currently be infested, if not more.

Keep your lights on -- they stay away from light!

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