1831 E Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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July 25th, 2009.

1831 E Georgia has been bed bug free for well over a year and a half now. The building owners took this very seriously, and Vancouver Bed Bug Control did an amazing job. I highly recommend them and there services.

This building is also Cockroach, and rodent free!!

Thank god for good landlords.

A friend of mine at 711 Broughton in the West End has bed bugs. They were out of control. He wants to move!

It turns out that the whole second floor has them and Vancouver Bed Bug Conrol Inc is currently dealing with the problem. I did notice someone moving bags of laundry out of the building yesterday that wasn't from the second floor and I'm curious if they found more evidence in the building elsewhere.

The worst part is that binners where taking infected items from the bin out back. I even warned one dude and he still went through a bunch of stuff thrown out anyways. It's so sad. No wonder why

this problem is spreading like wildfire through out this city.


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A few months ago I noticed a bed bug crawling across my coffee table and I freaked out. How it crawled on top of a glass table is beyond me! I ripped my pace apart and found no signs. I even pulled off my electrical outlet covers. I kept on top of things and kept checking, and checking. Nothing. I did a thorough investigation once a month for the past two months ripping my entire apartment apart and I did a weekly inspection of areas around my bed and head board. I though I was going OCD over th

is and started to feel real crazy. Well today I found the first signs, and I wish I would have taken this more seriously when I first noticed and had Vancouver Bed Bug Control come in, but I was unsure. No bites, no smells, and no tiny blood spots anywhere. I guess it didn't really help that I washed my sheets once a week and I never noticed any bites until this morning on my girlfriend and myself. It's not to bad yet(I hope), but I'm glad I caught it early. Never the less, I do have them and I hope I don't have to move and replace all my furniture.

I am a clean freak, I live clutter free, and I keep my place freakishly clean. How I got these I have no idea. Vancouver is fucking infected and the government needs to step up and do something.

This shit SUCKS!!!!

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