1748 E Pender St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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I've lived here for two years this March and have not been bit once. I live on the first floor and can't speak for the rest of the suites but ours has not been infested. I am not tolerant to bed bugs bites. I would know if they were here. Only thing wrong with this place some of the people who rent here. Someone kept pulling the fire alarm one night starting at 11! Someone who obviously didn't have work the next day.

I live in this building, have since Oct of 2010. I've never seen, nor felt a bite from, bedbugs. I am highly allergic to mosquitos, black flies, ants & pretty much everything else that bites. I am positive if my apartment had them, I would be severely affected. There is carpet in my place, but not in many other apts. I am sure with all the renos, they could be moving from suite to suite or coming in with new tenants...but I haven't heard about them from anyone. I did find one half dead cockroach

in my kitchen about 10mnths ago, but nothing since.

That being said, Nacel Properties are shitbag slumlords. They have taken away the on-site manager, the place is dirty & has been vandalized multiple times. In addition; there has been two break-ins on the 2nd floor & multiple cars were broken into once since I've been here. They WAY overcharge for what you get & are complete assholes when you complain about anything.

We've gone through 3 managers since I've rented here & the latest one is actually fine, but can be quite abrasive. He is the only one that has gotten anything done around here & it is better than it was initially. Most of the scummy people have been gotten rid of in the last 8mnths or so.

Overall, I would not recommend renting from Nacel, but not b/c there are bedbugs here; since I don't actually believe there are...but mainly b/c I think they are money grubbing fuckfaces that don't give two shits about their tenants.

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We applied for a suite in this building. With our application they asked for a damage deposit. The building manager told us they had bed bugs two years ago but got rid of them. We kinda believed him but we didn't sign a rental agreement. After researching about bed bugs (one week after applying) we decided not to go ahead with the move. When we informed the company that owns the building they refused to give us back our damage deposit, (even though we are not tenants). DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEO

The manager flat out denied there are any bed bugs in the building but I believe this website more given their track record in the Vancouver area.

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My boyfriend and I moved into our apartment about three months ago. The viewing went well, the manager was nice, the place seemed great. I asked about bedbugs, he said there had been a problem in the past, but the whole place had been fumigated, it was years ago, and there had never been a problem since. The first of the month was coming and I still hadn't found anywhere to live, so I was getting a bit desperate; and his story sounded reasonable enough.

The day we moved our things in, we bump

ed into another tenant in the hall. He was friendly, so we chatted for a little while. He told me that he and his girlfriend had only been living there three weeks and they were already moving out. I asked why and he said that his suite was full of cockroaches and bedbugs. He lived about four suites away from me on the same floor. I went into my own apartment and looked around, but found nothing.

That night, I was in the laundry room and met another tenant who lived on the same floor as me. Without even asking, he mentioned that he had bedbugs and recommended I move out as soon as possible. He told me that he lived just two doors down from my own.

In the past three months, my boyfriend and I have done a lot of herbal treatments to try to keep the bugs out of our own suite, and so far, it has completely worked. We have not seen a single bedbug or cockroach in our own apartment. At this point, we're trying to wait out the six-month lease that we signed. If we get an infestation, we're breaking the lease and going to the Tenancy Board. We've definitely been lucky with the bugs so far, but that's not what bothers me. We asked him a question and in response, he blatantly lied to us.

If you live in this building and have bedbugs or are worried about getting them, we've put lavender oil on and around pretty much everything and that's what's worked. My advice: get the hell out of here. If you can't do that, wait it out with the oil until you can.

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Unfortunately, I live in this apartment building. On our floor there has been 3 different people in the suite next to us in the last two months. The landlord keeps renting it to people after a bandaid solution fumigation. He also doesn't tell people before they move in. He lies straight to your face and says this building has no bed bugs when they are all over. We found two cockroaches in our suite and our daughter got bitten by a bed bug. The landlord fumigated our place twice but refused to do

the 3rd treatment after we gave our months notice so we are having to clean our place and do herbal treatments daily to try to keep them away from our stuff. We've also rented a storage unit and steamer to clean everything before we remove it from the suite to ensure we don't take anything with us. Not to mention the $$$$$$ it costs to wash and dry everything. This property, the landlord and NACEL properties are slum lords. I feel sorry for the people that move in and have the move out again all in the same month. The landlord pretends to care but fumigating one suite is just a bandaid solution. Beware of NACEL properties.

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Went for a viewing of a suite today. Everything seemed great, the suite was huge, cheap, clean and he was ready to give it to me on the spot. Then I asked about bedbugs. He hesitated, and started stuttering off about how there were "welfare people" and that they were evicted, blah blah blah....that the infestation was nowhere near the suite for rent blah blah....the building was sprayed....then I asked how long ago the infestation was, he hesitated once more, and responded "...a month ago". Need

less to say, I passed. Based on these reports, the building seems to have consistent re-infestations.

If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

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they are in my apartment...I am certain.

Multiple suite infested with bed bugs in last year. Most of first floor has a raging cockroach infestation. Property management company does little to nothing to deal with it. When they do it is haphazard and ineffective. Company (starts with N, ends with L and has an ACE between) is famously bad for not repairing and maintaining suites, building leaky condos and withholding damage deposits without cause. There are empty suites here, but I don't recommend renting here. We make constant req

uests for repair, will be seeking Dispute Resolution hearing.

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No bed bugs in my suite. However, many tenants have them. Carpet beetles, cockraoches, and carpenter ants are all living in my apartment. I doubt there will be any action taken, the building manager is great, but the \"owners\" are a corporation called Nacel properties. Do not rent here!!!

a number of suites in the building infested.
also cockroaches. Dec 4, 2007 is the date for first spraying

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