1730 E Pender St
Vancouver, BC V5L

Found 3 reports:

Unit on ground floor had a major infestation but landlord is very, very good person and generally concerned. Sprayed unit and volunteered to have the units of any tenant who was concerned about contracting them at no expense to tenant. However, a couple tenants simply moved out altogether to be on the safe side, but problem seems to either be under control or terminated altogether. No reports that it affected any other unit than the initial one.

Three units sprayed today - one with the infestation other two near by sprayed pre-emptively to contain it. Landlord extremely helpful, concerned, and accomodating. Spray guy also very competent, helpful, answered all questions/concerns etc.

Ground level unit had the bugs, spray guy said it was "Bad but not crazy person bad." Said they were caught in time.

Signs up all over the building today, look to be pasted to the walls by a resident, says building has bedbugs. Everyone in the building pleading ignorance, no actual evidence other than the posters. Both neighboring buildings have had reports on this website.

No nearby bug reports