1676 Frances St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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Update with regards to the move out. They don't have anyone renting it right away so the problem can be taken care of. It sounds like they will be doing a thorough job with the whole building (I'm hoping!). I didn't want to move from my place because my building neighbors were friendly & quiet, rent was reasonable, it was conveniently located close to my daughter's school, shopping, family & my landlord was very accommodating & overall a pleasant landlord. He made my move out very easy & it look

s like they are taking the right steps before letting anyone move in there.

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I moved into this building in the spring of 2014. I came back from Alberta basically with the clothes on my back, and the gentleman living here kindly left me with the furniture, as I had none. It's a good location, older & a bit worn but inexpensive, central to work, a few minutes walk to my child's school & close to family members.

I had purchased a brand new & expensive mattress in May. June I found a bed bug crawling down the wall of my bathroom. I trapped it & informed the caretaker. He

promptly arranged for a fellow to come & chemically treat my place & told me to stay out of the apartment for a few hours. So I did. I figured all would be ok so I went & took a few of my items I had in storage & brought them here. I thought the problem would be gone, but nope. They showed up again little over a month later. Guy came & sprayed again. He told me sometimes they need to spray two or three times to get rid of them & they're probably in the base boards. I thought ok, we'll give this a go, but I'm nervous at this point. I asked if they were coming from neighboring apartments & he told me probably not, they're probably in the base boards & he would use a stronger solution.

About a month later, they're back. I had one fall on me directly above me off the light fixture. I call caretaker, he tells me to call bug guy again. Comes & sprays again & tells me to give the whole apartment a good once over with the vacuum a week after he's sprayed. Ok, do that. Not even two weeks go by, the sticky trap paper he left has trapped another damn live bug. Again I am told by the caretaker to call the bug guy that's been here three times already with ineffective treatment. I've caught several more since I discovered them for the third time last week. I'm now angry, frustrated & giving my notice October 1st. I have to toss out my mattress as well as the items I had taken out of storage & start over again.

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