1610 Graveley St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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No bed bugs during the 8 years I lived here (approx 2002 - 2010), but repeated issues with termites in my basement suite. The infestation was very bad, only noticeable during summer months of the last 3 years I was there, when the termites would poor out of walls each evening, by the hundreds, flock around the nearest light source...I'd have to leave the place each time, and return hours later to thousands of wings littering the carpet (and my bed, clothes etc), but no bugs...till the next night


It took a LOT of complaining to get the property management to respond, and when they did, it was minimal (vacuumed the termites out of one wall), and the fix didn't last long. There were weeks at a time where I couldn't sleep in my house and had to crash with friends.

The problem disappeared each fall, and returned each summer, till the 3rd year, when I moved out. The property management was awful, though when I contacted the owner directly, he was a little more helpful, but still unwilling to do any major exterminations...

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