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Here I am again, 2 years later. Yes my apartment is infested yet again.. after being rid of bugs for no longer than two months at a time they're back full force.
The property managers refuse to take further action, and will not pay for the fumigation of the bugs, not only that but there are now mice running around everywhere and I've even seen the odd cockroach.
This is getting absurd! I'm moving out January 1st and leaving all of my things behind.. Sue me!!
I REFUSE to bring anything with m

e out of fear of bringing bugs with us... and I'm certainly not spending any more money to pay to have my belongings thrown out. I've already bought brand new furniture etc threw everything away when I thought the bugs were gone the first time. and now I have to do it all over again...
I'm even going to the extent of buying new clothes to change into before entering our new place. THAT'S how badly these bugs have made my life in the past two years here.
I'm now suffering from insomnia, losing my hair, and on depression meds all 'cause I can't afford to move until now and affordable housing is more useless than tits on a bull, offering NO help what so ever!! Telling me to make a complaint, and after an 8 month investigation we'll decide if you're worth taking to court. which in most cases you're not. smh.

If you have any regard for yourself, your kids, and your personal belongings DO NOT MOVE HERE!!

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ok, so since my last report of bed bugs in my apartment at this address i`ve still not been able to get rid of the bugs. it`s been 7 months and BC Bug has sprayed my place 8 TIMES!!!!
and still this morning (a little over two weeks after the last spray, again from BC Bug) i found a bed bug on my son`s shirt after he complained of being really itchy on his tummy. right before school I find myself stripping him of all clothes and getting him clean clothes and inspecting them for bugs!!
Now mind

you we have new management and they see to be trying to get rid of the problem BUT, they have also informed me that the previous Manager LIED to me in telling me that no bugs have been present in the building for years... She also went on to say that not only have they had bed bugs in the past but approximately 7 YES SEVEN suites in my building currently have bed bugs. one tenant in which refuses to take the apropriate measures to rid his suite of the infestation.. AND HE`S STILL LIVING HERE WHY????
I myself DO NOT like living in such environments adn HATE the fact that my kids have to indure such environments aswell..
Affordable housing REFUSES to take further action by hiring a different company all because BC Bug charges them about 80% (or more) Less than what they should pay for the job to get done PROPERLY!
i was told that BC Bug charges afforable housing 30 DOLLARS PER SUITE. 30 dollars???? NO WONDER NOBODY CAN GET RID OF THE BUGS!!
My son refuses to sleep in his room because he is the only one being bitten, and the bugs seem to only be in the one room and feeding off of him.
despite telling the manager this they havent moved ANYTHING around iin the room to spray properly.. after the last spray NONE of the furnature was moved in the slightest.. so i doubt that they had even sprayed. my manager told me that this is because on a follow up spray they put the furnature back to its original location.... yet through out the 7 months i have lived in this filth, and the 8 sprays never ONCE have they moved my furnature back. and now i`ve been given a notice telling me that if the problem persistz and they find that i am at fault(which i AM NOT) i will be held accountable and forced to pay the costs of fumigating further..

isnt this all proof enough that something else needs to be done?????
you tell me..
Affordable housing is supposed to be acting in the bast intrest of its tenants.. yet i`ve had nothing but problems since i moved in.
Where do my sons best intrests come in?? this is causing him MAJOR stress and sleepless night thus causing even more torment for me as i dont want my son to have to endure the pain and headache of bed bug bites every damn night!!

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I moved into a suite here recently and my daughter was bitten the night we moved in, since i had bed bugz before (about 3 years ago, 430 e.cordova st, vancouver) i knew exactly what the bite was from and had immediatley went to the manager of my building and brought it to their attention. but they assured me they had not had any recent cases of bed bugz in the past two years and that they had sprayed the apartment prior to my moving in (3times).
the unit`s floors, carpets, paint.. everything w

as replaced before my move in.
and since ive reported the bugz the apartment has been sprayed by `B.c Bug` twice.. to no avail... my kids and i KEEP getting bitten!!
B.C Bug reports no presence of bed bugz in the apartment, so my guess is that either they`re not doing their job properly or these bugs are VERY GOOD AT HIDING!!
i`m contemplating moving AGAIN after only having lived here for two months.
there`s no reason why my children and myself should have to suffer through sleepless itchy agrivating nights!
there have been no other complaints of bed bugz in this building that i know of except the apartment below mine was inspected and they had found one single bug.... ? i think a alot of ppl in this building and surrounding areas are just afraid to come forward with the complaints jusst from sheer embarassment.
i`d rather be embarassed than chewed up n sucked dry all night!!
it`s so important to report anything even if you THINK it might be bed bugs, this is the only way the problem will be handled with apropriate measures and treatments!!


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