1555 Woodland Dr
Vancouver, BC V5L

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Ongoing issues since my partner moved in, Fall 2011. It is now November 11 2012.

As the previous poster wrote: cockroaches, mice and bedbugs. They are in the infrastructure. I believe the management is quick to react to reports but this has not done much to eradicate the problem. They will only provide mattress and box spring covers for those with evidently bad cases, but what of protecting people from potential and likely spreading? If you are moving in, I recommend getting box spring, mattr

ess and pillow covers, pantyhose for blocking off the grates of ceiling fans, packing tape to cover any extra openings, a vacuum, and a few cans of spray foam. Also, make sure your suite was treated before your move in date. I believe this is customary but we need to look out for ourselves.

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They have sprayed my apartment 4 times and nothing seems to get rid of them, the whole apartment is infested and BC housing claims that they are keeping it under control. Yea right. How? This apartment is full of cockroaches, mice and bedbugs.

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