1530 Graveley St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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We moved in in August 2011 and from the beginning of 2012 we started having bedbugs. The pest control came 3 times and it seems better now. The building is such in a bad shape that they travel from one suite to another really easy and I'm pretty sure they'll come back at some point.

My elderly mother has lived on the second floor of this building for 2 years. Very recently (Novemeber 2010) a new carpet was installed in the hallway. Suddenly my mother has a serious bedbug infestation. I strongly recommend to anyone living in this building to check and report any bedbugs to the manager. My mom is a virtual shut-in. She could not have acquired this on her own. The *must* have come in either from neighboring units or perhaps the new hall carpet. Either way, if she has b

ed bugs, guaranteed other suites do as well.

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We discovered bugs in our apartment after living here 2 years. The building manager organised prompt spraying and paid for it. Pest control sprayed twice and we cleaned every inch of the apartment even swabbing the walls with an alcohol mix.

We appear to have \\\'eliminated\\\' them. We haven\\\'t seen a trace of them since...

Building manager has hired a PCO to deal with the problem, and the PCO seems to know what he's doing.

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