1436 Graveley St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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You guys need to check for mental help. All the buildings in lower mainland had at some point bedbugs. The only way out is to live in your own house or condo so when you get the bugs you don't have to blame on others. Wake up people why you are living your belongings behind?? with 2 treatment you are out of bedbugs... and some people here been evicted from the building and have nothing to do than spread some crap around. you should talk with your future manager if any bedbugs in the building.. t

hey usually are honest people ..I know I ask when I move in. I m living in Graveley for 4 months and no bedbugs. I heard has been before in two units but the previous manager didn't care much about it , but this new guy manager is good. So welcome to Graveley which is free of bedbugs.

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An order was made by the council to have two floors of suites sprayed for a severe infestation. This did not occur (only a few suites were sprayed), and nobody in the building was informed that bedbugs existed, or how to treat them. High risk that bedbugs will spread to our "unsprayed" suite has caused us to give urgent notice to move.

Do not move in to this building.

This building has a major ongoing bedbug problem and the property managers are not doing anything about it.

Today, December 9th, 2010. Woke up to an itch, turned on the light and THERE IT WAS! A bedbug! I have saved him (or her?) in some packing tape to show the appropriate people. I have been bitten before, but this is the first culprit I've captured without completely obliterating it. Will contact the building manager as soon as it's a reasonable hour.

cressey, nacel properties are living up to their reputation. next time before getting yourself into this s*@#t use google.

I am a single woman/parent having lived in this building for 3 years and on the street my entire life. I am raising two sons and have 90 year old parents living across the street. I had a severe infestation September 2008. The building owner was indifferent to my situation, didn't answer my phone calls. The building manager refused to set foot in my apartment. I hired my own exterminator and after three visits the situation remained. I had no choice but to move. I left all my furniture behind...

and 90% of my personal belongings. I am in the process of rebuilding my life.

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