1411 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC V5L

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Suite # 204

Spray was done on all mattresses in June in all units. Was assured by the building manager that there were no incidents in the building at that time and this was a "preventative spray".

Found bed bugs mid September in united 204.

Once 204 was confirmed infected in September I found out building has had bed bug issues since April 2009. Moved out of the apartment as soon as this was confirmed. Syndic Holdings, the building owners have not dealt with this properly as I have

found out a number of tenants did not comply with room perpetration ahead of spraying which spread the issue. Tenants were not evicted till much later. Staff at Syndic have been extremely defensive about the issue. Best to stay away from this building.

Sprayed twice. Room was rented right after me a day after spraying. Gross.

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They did another treatment this week.

Some suites are still infested though, so renter beware.

There will be a followup treatment in a few weeks.

There are a number of bed bug infested units at this location. The landlord is renting all vacated units ahead of full extermination. Units on both the 1st floor and the 2nd floor are infested.

#101. Moved into my apartment April first and the second month in started noticing bites. Did not know it was bed bugs at first as I've never had them. My girlfriend stayed the night a couple times and she was covered is huge welts/bites from head to toe. I built up a case for the next month or so asking other tenants and previous tenants of similar stories. The place has been treated twice now and the bugs are still here. I haven't been able to enjoy my apartment for really any length of my st


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