6769 Dow Ave
Burnaby, BC V5H

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DO NOT MOVE to this apartment.

I lived there for many years, but had to move out in 2008 due to bed bugs.

I was one of the first victim in this building.
Someone was so stupid to bring a used sofa with bed bugs into the building.

Now the entire building was full with bed bugs.

When I pull up my mattress, I saw lots of bed bugs (adults). At least 30 bed bugs crawling around the mattress. I killed all them ,but they keep coming bug.

I go bitten many times, lots of sleepless ni

ghts and nightmares. I was the laundry every day, vacuumed the places, spayed with RAID.

I spend too much money on it.

I had to throw away my furniture and cloths too.

Worst things is that the landlord didn't give me deposit back, because I din't notify them 1 month before.

Come on! I'm bitten by bed bugs, but the land lord did not help me at all. Didn't hire pest control.

I had to leave immediately, do you really want me to stay for 1 month and get bitten by bed bugs?

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I was getting bites, which increased over time, and at 1st I thought it was allergies or mosquitoes. However, I went to a doctor and was told it was bed bugs. I contacted my manager next day, and she volunteered to spray the apt the following day, after I go to work.

A day or two after her spraying the apt, I woke up with a bed bug in bed. She told me pest control was very expensive, she wanted to try to resolve the issue herself first.

My research had lead me to know that IPM(integrat

ed pest management would be required to successfully clear the pest issue), but I had to let her try.

However, ultimately it was me who had to put in a lot of hard work to deal with the issue, as I had to live in the apt. Even if I had moved, if I had infected furniture or mattress, I would just be bringing the problem with me. My mattress was also fairly new, I believe 1 year old. The hard work involved clearing my bedroom of furniture(inspecting all items before moving them to the living room), vacuuming my bed/pillows, sofa, and the entire apt (some areas are hard floor, but I had a floor setting in my vacuum), and buying bed proof mattress covers(which was expensive, but the only I could have some peace of mind) and buying a metal bedframe.

Initially I had my bed on the floor as it was high enough for me, but after this issue. I was forced to buy one.

I was also the one inspecting for holes or any cracks they may come thru. I found numerous holes under the trim which had some suspicious gaps.

It took a while to convince her to patch up the drywall and to have the actual work done by her husband to cover the holes and to put the trim back, it took a span of I believe approx 2 weeks or more. Initially she said her husband who had some experience in construction said the gaps were normal to prevent wall cracks, but after inspecting it, he agreed to drywall it as it was on the wall and not between the floor and wall.

They were attempting to do all the repairs themselves and being an elderly couple progress was very slow. Also they have doctors appointments or busy with other commitments at times, so hence the slow progress on repairs. I had to keep follow up to even get the trim even back up.

Although they were very willing to spray, probably because they don't want to have to pay expensive pest control and as landlord they are responsible for pest control or cost of.

However it was ultimately me who had to pay a lot and spend a lot of time vacuuming, initially almost daily after work, and I initially I was sleeping on my living room, but was still getting some bites.

Ultimately we were never able to find the nest/source of the bed bug.

After multiple sprays on her part, which she was very willing to do, and all my hard work on maintaining/vacuuming/and the mattress covers, etc. I had reduction to elimination of bed bug bites after the multiple sprays, but then it came back a last week. She sprayed again. Then now I have not had bites for a few days.

Anyway, I would not recommend moving to this building as aside from the spraying, I felt that the resolution of this issue was very slow on the land lords part at least when it came to the repair of the wall holes.

And I ultimately was the one who did most of the work for the pest control mgmt and incurred the most cost.. vacuuming, clearing, buying the bed bug control mattress covers, and buying bed frame.

All they did was purchase the spray, come and spray multiple times, and repair the wall, although as I said progress on that was extremely slow.

Given all the stress I was going thru and having to live thru it, you would think they would try to prioritize the repair to give their tenant some peace of mind.

Anyway, I had also asked them to caulk around the trims as there are small gaps, but this is still not done. I guess I will have to call her again to follow up on this request.

Given the circumstances, I would not recommend moving to this place. There is a high chance of reinfection as the whole apt building has never been sprayed by an actual pest control personnel, and despite having had bed bug issues in 2008, 2009 (both according to other posts in this registry) and now again in 2011. They could have hidden at somewhere in this apt building, which the pesticide could not reach and return once the pesticide wears off.

And since the source was never found at least in my current case 2011, I remain sceptical if this issue is really resolved, especially after having bites again from a few days ago.

Since there is risk of bed bug infection, dont move here and save yourself the stress, and cost, low sleep nights, and all the labour/constant vacuuming/moving/inspecting furnitures, etc if you can avoid it.

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The bed bugs are still persisting in this building since they were first reported in March of 2008. I reported the bed bugs on March, and the landlady scheduled an exterminator, but he never showed up. She ended up giving me a can of "Doctor Doom" to spray on the baseboards in the bedroom. This worked at first, but the bed bugs came back. In order to get rid of them completely the entire second floor needs to be sprayed, but the landlady will not play for the exterminator. The building is on

ly 10 apartments, but even in a small building once you have bed bugs, it is almost impossible to get rid of them, unless all of the apartments are treated.

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They were there before that! My daughter and I took the owner to small claims and lost. She lost all her furniture and had to start over. It is so unfair! This was the the fall and winter 2007/08!

The entire second floor is full of bed bugs. Some tenant brought an old sofa inside this summer 2008 and now it spreading through the other bedrooms.

After 3 months there are still bed bugs in the other rooms. Don't go there!!!

I just moved in, but the landlord didn't tell me about it. That's so rude!

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