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Burnaby, BC V5H

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I had never seen or encountered bed bugs, so it took me a while before I realized that all the bi-tes that started appearing on my arms and legs may have something to do with the them. Since I was told, there had never beeen any bed bugs in the building I blindly believed it. Nevertheless when I was moving in I could smell(perhaps)tra-ces of gas used to gas cockroaches. After moving in I could see there are quite a few silverfish, (no cockroaches). So I thought, that is why the smell.This proble

m started perhaps some 3-4months ago = December 2011 - January 2012. Eventually some 4weeks ago = March, I saw one and a week later another. I searched all the appartment, washed most of my clothes including my linnen and it seemed to stop for a week or two. Now they are back.I have not seen another yet. Lots of people move in and out (contrary to what I was told that the tennants are steady here). Perhaps it has something to do with it. I'll try to find out.

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