6557 Burlington Ave
Burnaby, BC V5H

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people do not use the sencond hands stuff, include sofe,mattress,even have to clean you person stuff every week. keep clean.we management the new tanants hard, we did treatment for you unit bedbugs,but when you move out you still keep the old sencond hand mattress, you should take care of you baby, do not use the sencond hand stuff. not every company pay you treament .
6557 burlington ave,
management company.

Feb 18,09 found bed bugs at Apartments #306 at 6557 Burlington Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 3M6. We didn't know that until seeing our family doctor for the kid. She was bited all over her body, it had been a week and we only thought is the skin issue. But it is a nightmare ....

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