6555 Bonsor Ave
Burnaby, BC V5H

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I occupied the apartment unit for about a little over a week when one morning while getting ready for work I noticed a dark red/black speckle on the floor. Upon closer examination it was an insect with moving legs, which looked like an image of a bedbug I later researched on. I immediately reported the sighting to the manager who then arranged for professionals to spray the unit. Between the time of when I saw the first bug and the time when pest control sprayed, I saw more baby bedbugs come out

which led me to believe that eggs were gradually hatching. So while the spray probably extinguished the live bedbugs, it may not have effectively killed the eggs. And we have to be cautious and thorough when effectively treating and containing a bedbug infestation because studies and cases show that the bedbug is a resilient and difficult pest to get rid of. Beware. A bedbug smaller than 5mm can wreak havoc and resist human control.

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