6280 Willingdon Ave
Burnaby, BC V5H

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Need to revise building code. If the code required that ALL walls in the building, INCLUDING interior walls be insulated (fibreglass, or polyurethane), then this would prevent pests from being able to reside or travel through the wood/steel framework. This would also dampen sound and prevent smoke/smells from other units from spreading, creating a more pleasant living environment. Also would reduce the need for toxic pesticides and costs.

CONFIRMED! Apartment 217 & 219 have bedbugs. 219 was the source of the infestation and then they travelled through the wood frame walls to Apartment 217.
Bedbugs reported to the Superintendent in March/April 2009. For the next 18 months (right up until November 2010), the Superintendent called Canadian Pest Control who attended AT LEAST 5 TIMES to try and eradicate the problem .... WITH NO SUCCESS.
At one point one of the Pest Control workers tried to tell me that "....it must be your imagina

tion there is nothing here..."
I guess the fact that I have bites all over my body and the fact that I found a dead bedbug doesn't seem to mean very much to them.
WARNING: MANY of the low level (3 storey) wood frame apartment buildings in the Metrotown area have bed bug problems to one degree or another. (Just look at the map and you will see!). The Owners of this building (Southwood Investments Limited) own this building and and the one next to it. (Which is surprisingly also listed as having a Bed Bug problem) The Owners DO NOT care about the pest control problem. It is obvious that this is not a ONE APARTMENT problem. Yet the owner is complaining about having to call the Pest Control company, and then the Pest Control company only appears and does a "half hearted" attempt at dealing with the problem. After 18 months of living with these bed bugs I literally walked away from ALL of my furniture and belongings. I had to literally bake/boil all of the clothing I had to make sure I did not take this problem with me to my new apartment. WHAT A TOTAL NIGHTMARE! As I was moving out of the building I noticed a young Asian male moving into Apartment 215, I didn't have the heart to tell him what kind of a mess he was moving himself into.

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