5411 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H

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I lived at this Best Western hotel for nearly a month because my house was flooded and my insurance set me up with this place.

I was put in one of the rooms on the ground floor, and found bed bugs bites the second night there. I first thought they were mosquito bites, but then I looked closely at the mattress and found signs of bed bugs. I then proceeded to collect evidence, so I lifted the mattress and found a Pest Control Orkins Sign under the bed. So I asked the front desk about it, and th

ey admitted that some of the rooms have known history of bed bug infestations. But apparently they fail to mention this to their customers. I was then put into another room on the 2nd floor which after doing a thorough check, I found the room to be okay and lived there for 2 weeks after.

So all in all, don't take your chances at this place. If you HAVE to live here, ask in advance about their rooms with bed bug problems, and request to see the room before moving in. Inspect the couch and mattresses carefully, check under the bed as well. Otherwise, just go somewhere else.

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