4695 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Found 2 reports:

This is the management company from Tak Tai Holding Ltd responding to the bed bug report that Nigel Balgobin posted on Aug 06, 2010 regarding the BedBugs issue in our building.

He has made a false report that it is our building that has the bedbugs which in reality it was the he who brought in the bedbugs found in his furniture.

When the tenant Nigel informed us there might be bedbugs in their apartment suite, we were very concerned because it is a very serious problem and responded to

the problem quickly. The next day after we were informed we immediately had the pest control company Orkin come in to investigate the problem.

I have included the report from Orkin below this message to prove that the BedBugs were found only in their loveseat and mattress but nothing were found in any walls within the apartment unit. Also we have Orkin checked all the suites surrounding his suite and no bed bugs were found. It was obvious the bed bugs were brought in by the tenants because the technician said if, like he said was in the carpets, the bedbugs would of been found elsewhere in the building. We asked them to remove their furniture away from the building but they refused to do so. With all the other tenants extremely concerned we had no choice but to file the eviction notice.

Also later we found out their previous address "2249 Eton St" Suite #10 & 11 had bed bugs problem (Reports can be found in Bed Bug Registry) which is close to their suite #7 that they were living in before they moved to our building only two months prior to this incidence.

We would like to assure all who is concerned that the problem has been resolved and that another inspection was done to the building and still no bedbugs were found. As one more precaution after the premise has been vacated we will have Orkin do one more inspection in the suite and all common areas.

One more thing is that we had never asked them for any money for the cost of treating the bedbugs and he will be getting his full damage deposit back. The fact that he would of been aware that his previous apartment building (he just moved from) had bedbugs problem he shouldn't of claimed "I've never had bedbugs before" on his last posting.

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I've never had bedbugs before. Two months after moving here, there was some construction on the exterior of the building that cracked the inner walls of my suite. Two weeks later, I'm being bitten by bedbugs. So I do what I think is the right thing, and notify the landlord Tak Tai Holdings.

The building caretaker spreads this info all over the building. The occupants become agitated and want to force me to throw out my furniture. Ok, so where do I sleep then. The floor was suggested. Imagine

that, I'm suppsed to throw out $8,000 in furniture AND pay to stay here.

Now I've been given an eviction notice. And we all know, thanks to Gordon Campbell that the Rental Tenancy Board will most likely rule in favour of the landlord. But I'm still going to try anyhow.

DON'T MOVE TO 4695 KINGSWAY!! If anything happens and you get bedbugs, you'll get evicted and they'll try to charge you for the cost of treating for the bedbugs. That is unless you allow them to pressure you into throwing out your belongings. And on top of that they're going to take our damage deposit because we ripped out the bug infested carpet!!!

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