4288 Grange St
Burnaby, BC V5H

Found 2 reports:

Are you still living in that building? A two bedroom appartment is listed as available and we have gone to see it and are very eager to take it. Now I am not so sure about it.

we found bed bug after moved in. my wife and my daughter were bitten seriously. beg bug control company came to our unit and did the 1st treatment and 2nd one after 2 weeks, unfortunately, bed bug still exist and we were told other unit also was treated in the same building.

After checked the bedbug report, I found out the address:4266 grange st, burnaby also on the list. Because the buildings on 4288 grange st and 4266 are sibling buildings and managed by same company, swimming pool and GYM

center are all shared, bed bug spreading in those 2 buildings and never get cleaned up.

Be caution when you decide to move in!

see full report...

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