3955 Smith Ave
Burnaby, BC V5G

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Noticed the comments re bugs at this address. I would like to report that the owners and managers have really taken a proactive stand regarding eradicating the bugs. When it was brought to their attention they had every suite in the building inspected and any suspected of having bugs were treated immediately as well as units next door to a suspected apartment. They also treated hallways and the laundry room. As far as we know there are no more bugs in this building.

I was moving out of the apartment at the end of August, and there were 3 other people moving out of the same section of the building. We began to talk and found out they were moving out because of bedbugs also. At the grocery store we ran into someone from another section of the building (it's an H shape) and they have bedbugs as well. So it sounds like the entire building in infested with them

I discovered bed bugs in my apartment (205) at the end of may, 8 months after moving in. I've been told that they've probably been here for a couple of weeks before I discovered them because of the size of the infestation. I haven't had anyone stay here, nor brought in any furniture. all of my furniture I've had for at least 4 years. The PCO the building uses inspected my apartment but wouldn't treat it until I got rid of all furniture. I am having Baked Bed Bugs do a thermal treatment of my

apartment, because after doing some reading I realized that the building PCO is not very experienced in bed bugs and I have no confidence in his treatment. Once my lease is up I'm going to move out, and buy a new bed and couch. The building has had mice problems, and when Baked Bed bugs did their inspection (much more thorough than the building's PCO) we discovered mouse holes that the bed bugs could use to travel to other apartments in the building. I'm going to seal those up, but I can't guarantee the bed bugs haven't infested other apartments, so I'm having the landlord get them inspected.

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