3950 Smith Ave
Burnaby, BC V5G

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This is a story of a rental apartment of 70 units managed by Shomomi holdings on the central location of burnaby, BC, Canada. I have been staying in this apartment since 2005 and have won the war (And at times restart the war) against the bed bugs.
The scorching sun during the early June brings the bed bugs out to everyone's room in this apartment. It was 2007 and I was one of the targets when the bed bugs started attacking me. Annoyed by this I called to my apartment manager and as usual the

emergency numbers are always forwarded to the voicemail. The manager responded to this "emergency response" on the very next day by sending a voicemessage when i eagerly picked up the phone. I had pity on this managers and the lame property owners who never cared to look what is happening in this poorly managed apartment.
A week later, the pest control guys came and sprayed the what so called "strong pesticide" in my apartment. I thought that i have been relived by these trusty pest control.
The first 5 nights were good and after that the terrorist bugs attacked again. I had to again call my apartment managers and they had to send the pest control personnel again. This cycle continued for 3 times and the last time i called the managers said "I am not going to send the pest control next time."
I drived down to one of the leading store to buy Raid's the only pest control spray that I can see in that store. I reached home and stayed awake with this spray and at 4 am i saw one coming towards me and sprayed on him. The bug got unconscious for 5 mins and started walking again. Unfortunately, I had to write the above story to Raid and their quality research department had to return my money back. I started keeping myself awake between the early 3-5 am and had to kill some by spray and some by my wrist.
These days I don't see any in my apartment but 60% of tenants in this apartment leave because they lost the war against these bugs.
But hey I am an American. I am ready for the war in the next June.

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