New Vista Pl
Burnaby, BC V5E

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i live at 855 mcbride blvd
we have had bedbugs for the last 6 mouthes they say we bright them in and no one in the building has them but us they have trede are place 3 times i have gotting read of beds and now my have to get read of a 5000 doller couch that is only ywo year old i thing some companys that do the fumgating off them should be watch they say that they do a good job but i watch the gays doing my sweet last time and the kid did not do the job right they spraid to fast and not in th

e crages not doing under the beds or dressers or not moving the couchins on the couch i put 25 cents pices in the couchins to see if they move them or moved the couch and it was the same as i lift it

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7210 Mary Ave

There are several suites that have or had bed bugs in the past 2 years. My mother had them.
They treated her suite 4 times. I has been about 8 months and she hasn't seen anymore. Hopefully she won't. The only way that they will be eliminated from that building is if the entire building is treated, not just as the bugs are reported

New Vista
7210 Mary Ave Burnaby, BC
The problem was discovered in Nov.2008/Dec2008
My Father lives there, on the 3rd floor in the building closest to Edmonds Street.
The place has a multiple suite infestation of Bedbugs, and can guarantee that they are probably still there. I talked to the Caretaker and she told me it's hard to get rid of them because a lot of the people that live there are elderly so they don't see them, that was my Fathers problem, until they started chewing on his legs

They sprayed my fathers place 4 times as with the other suites.
I wanted to report this just because I saw that someone was there one day picking up furniture to take to a thrift store. Very Scary.

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